Shay Mitchell isn’t afraid that roughing it. When the Mississauga, Canada, native showed up on the collection of Nick Jonas’ “Under You” music video, she had to cover visible injuries indigenous doing her very own stunts ~ above Pretty small Liars just hours earlier. “I obtained bruises the night before due to the fact that I to be shooting top top PLL until 4 in the morning, and also then I had to be in ~ Nick’s video clip at 9 a.m,” Mitchell, 29, tells united state Weekly. “We had actually lunch the work before, pre-bruises, but when he observed me after, he was slightly worried.” 

Despite having actually to continually reapply makeup due to the addition of a shower head scene, “it to be incredible and also he’s together an impressive guy,” Mitchell says. “It was painful at the time, but now the hilarious.”

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Although the video clip required stripping down, Mitchell take it a healthy technique to preparing for the steamy scenes. “When ns am obtaining ready for something in particular where I desire to be a tiny bit more confident, then, yeah, I’ll hit the gym a little bit more,” she says. “I probably eat a small bit cleaner and not have actually two pieces of pizza. I’ll only have actually one.”


Shay Mitchell and also Nick Jonas

One location she definitely wasn’t counting slices: PLL costar Troian Bellisario’s recent bachelorette-party vacation in Italy. “We checked out Rome, Positano, Capri and then Naples, obviously, had to have some pizza,” she says of the trip, which additionally included costar Ashley Benson. “It was so much fun being v the girls and fully indulging in everything from the wine come the gelato.”

PHOTOS: Troian Bellisario and the Pretty little Liars celebrate Bachelorette Party in Italy

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The travel enthusiast, who is right now partnered through interactive mapping app Delightways from Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages, discovered a way to burn calorie on the pilgrimage without logging hrs at a gym. “In Rome one day, i remember Ashley and also I confirm our small watches and also we had actually walked over 25,000 steps. The was sort of insane,” she says. “You kind of lose track as soon as you’re in a brand-new city and also exploring.” 

It appears that Italy no the only place where she indulges with her costars. “We’ll every go and also have a party of alcohol together,” the BaubleBar Guest Bartender tells united state of the PLL cast’s off-set bonding. “We tend to perform that a many at every other’s houses. I think it’s additionally nice once we check out new restaurants with each other too. That just about sharing a great meal.” 

sleepinthegardn this has been the expedition of a lifetime…I knew instantly when we met that you and I would certainly be in each others resides forever. This trip feels prefer the most perfect ending to what our world has been the last 7 years and an inspiring brand-new beginning. Can’t wait to clock you end up being a mrs ??✨ #bellisariogetsbooted

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While the cast, including Lucy Hale, Sasha Pieterse, Ian Harding, Tyler Blackburn and Keegan Allen, have spent the past seven years together on-and-off set, Mitchell explains that the Freeform collection coming come an finish is a bittersweet change. 

“I think you prosper when you uncomfortable, and new things room on the horizon for all of us, however at the same time the is really sad because we’ve constructed a family,” she says. “It’s sad to say bye to an era.”

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