Backstreet Boy singer Nick Carter obtained a big “yes” when he proposed to his girlfrifinish of four years, Lauren Kitt. He proposed via a seven-karat ring throughout a pilgrimage the two required to the Florida Keys. The ring came from XIV KARATS, and also it shows up to be a pear-shaped diamond set in platinum.

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Nick acquired down on one knee to propose, in the romantic and also traditional fashion. He hosted her tightly after she shelp yes. Photographers managed to capture much of the exadjust in between the two. Nick Carter shelp that he had hosted on to the ring for practically 2 weeks before he was all set for the significant day—the proposal.

Hmm, that huge pear shaped certainly is gorgeous – and also acquainted looking:


Tracy S for Raymond Lee Jewelers, premiere fine jewelry and also luxury watch boutique and also buyer.

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