10 Funniest Nicolas Cage Movie moments (That Weren't intended To it is in Funny) Nicolas Cage is known for his wild exhilaration style. His performances can be for this reason over-the-top they"re unintentionally funny, i beg your pardon is why fans love him.

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unintentionally funny
couple of actors space as intriguing together Nicolas Cage. The has had actually a long and varied career in i beg your pardon he has been the indie move star, the action hero, and also the guy in a bunch that straight-to-DVD movies. Yet with a cable of hits, one Oscar, and an impressive filmography, over there is something absolutely captivating around Cage.

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Cage has proven plenty of times the he is a very talented actor, yet he is also an extremely bold. Periodically his selections are perfect because that the movie that is in and sometimes they space so madness wrong the they end up being entertaining for one more reason. Right here are several of Cage"s funniest moment that can not have actually been intentional.

Nicolas Cage in The Wicker man 2006
though the original was a brilliant horror movie, the work again, please again of The Wicker Man certification Nicolas Cage is a well known movie that is so poor it"s good. Cage theatre a police officer investigating a missing child case on a far island populated by a strange cult.

The biggest trouble with the movie is that the people on this island seem fairly normal contrasted to Cage, that is walking wild in this role. The scene where he interrogates the child"s mother around some melted clothes is a an excellent example of just how Cage have the right to turn a an easy line right into a hilariously crazed moment.

9 prison Fight - Face/Off (1997)

If there is one movie whose premise deserve to compare come the madness of Cage"s persona, it is Face/Off. This wild action movie stars man Travolta together an FBI agent who switches faces with a terrorist (Cage) for factors that frankly don"t matter.

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While Travolta it s okay to pat the fun villain duty for many of the movie, Cage finds methods to inject his signature kookiness as the hero stuck to the challenge of a madman. Throughout one jail brawl sequence, Cage gets to pull every kinds of crazy faces while hooting and hollering, which at some point leads to his crying.

Nicholas Cage in Vampire's Kiss
Vampire"s Kiss is another movie that appears perfectly tailored to Cage"s type of performance as it allows him to really go wild. He plays a successful executive who starts to think the he is transforming into a vampire.

Though it is a horror-comedy, there room some moments that Cage take away a straightforward line and also turns it into a hilariously out-of-control moment. In one scene, the asks a colleague if they know the alphabet climate proceeds come spout the whole alphabet if flailing his arms roughly wildly.

7 change - Ghost rider (2007)

Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider
after ~ his Superman movie fell apart, Cage ultimately got the possibility to play a superhero in Ghost Rider. Sadly, Cage theatre his function surprisingly straight, which contributes come it gift an entirely forgettable movie. However, over there is one moment in i beg your pardon Cage really unleashes himself and has some fun.

The step is the an initial time Johnny Blaze (Cage) transforms into the flame-headed Ghost Rider. As his challenge burns up, Cage go bug-eyed and starts screaming in high-pitched agony which climate turns into insane laughter.

one of the great things about The Wicker Man is how off-the-rails it proceeds to get as that goes along. Over there are likewise so plenty of moments that one can pick out with zero context and still uncover it hilarious.

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One of the ideal examples of this comes together the island"s citizens room planning their ritual for their yearly honey harvest. This has someone dressing up together a be affected by each other and, that course, Cage steals the costume for himself. See Cage waddling around in a be affected by each other costume if punching a mrs in the challenge is together a surreal experience.

5 His accent - Con wait (1997)

the was rather surprising the Cage became a veritable activity movie star complying with his Oscar-winning function in Leaving ras Vegas. This unforeseen run included the absurd and hugely to chat movie, Con Air.

Cage plays the heroic Cameron Poe, a noble male being exit from prison who finds himself on a prison transport plane taken end by the convicts. Cage not only sports a distracting wig but also an over-the-top southerly accent that provides anything he says unintentionally funny.

regardless of the disappointment of the very first Ghost Rider movie, it received a sequel with Ghost Rider: heart of Vengeance. While it is tough to to speak this is a better movie, it does in ~ least adopt the insanity of the story a lot an ext which includes Cage"s performance.

In one memorable moment, Johnny Blaze is interrogating a negative guy and begins relenten his own personal demons. He keeps making use of the phrase "scraping at the door" over and also over, getting more deranged every time he states it. The terrified guy in the scene v him likely required small acting.

3 death Scene - Kick-Ass (2010)

Cage joined an additional comic publication movie and played an additional crime-fighter through his duty as big Daddy in Kick-Ass. The movie is a darkly comedic satire of the superhero genre and also Cage provides a hilarious performance the is ideal for the tone of the movie.

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However, large Daddy"s fatality scene is certainly not meant to it is in a comedic moment as his young daughter fights no hope to save him together he is collection on fire. As the music swells, large Daddy calls out strategies to his daughter, however Cage"s hitch-pitched and crazed screaming make it hard to take it the minute seriously.

It"s hard to number out just what is walk on in the movie Deadfall. The is either a bad movie the happens to function Cage"s many wild performance, or the is a movie that was destroyed due come Cage"s performance.

Cage definitely does take over the entire snapshot and at least breathes some life into the dull crime story. From his negative wig, strange voice, and consistent outburst, it is clear that Cage to be given totally free rein and he made decision to create a cartoon character.

1 The Bees - The Wicker man (2006)

even though most people have probably never seen The Wicker Man, it"s likely that they space probably acquainted with the notorious torture step at the finish of the movie. ~ Cage"s character is recorded by the cult the is placed through a ritual prior to being sacrificed.

To his credit, Cage dram the scene with the sort of terror who in this case would have. But it"s hard to store a straight confront as bees space poured everywhere him and he keeps screaming "Not the bees!" together if the audience is an alleged to take every this seriously.

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