Poor Niall Horan. All he want was a quiet visit to the collection of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. What he gained was the full opposite!

The former One Directionsinger do an illustration on Friday"s episodeto encourage the release of his debut solo album,Flicker.

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While Halloween is still more than a weekaway, DeGeneres is always up for a an excellent prank. In the middle of the interview, she askedHoran, 24, if the still keeps in touch with his One Direction bandmates. Horan admittedthat they view each various other “all the time.” simply then, who dressed up as Harry Stylespoppedout to scare the hair gelatin out that him!

White-knuckled and gripping the edge of his chair, Horan exclaimed, “Cardiac arrest almost happened there!” then he automatically asked, “Why is that not just straightforward top top this show?”

During the less panic-inducing components of his appearance, Horan performedhis recent single, "Too much to Ask," anddishedabout his bachelor status.

When DeGeneres askedhim how he juggles dating on tour, that revealed the he doesn’t feeling too lot pressure to work out down. “I’m type of enjoy it it for what that is best now,” the said. “I’m in my mid-20s, having actually a laugh.”

Horan does seemto be having plenty of funny playing music, traveling the worldand flirting with beautiful women like Katy Perry. Back in July, the ‘Roar’ singer jokingly called Horan a “stage 5 clinger” on she Instagram story.

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But the flirting doesn’t avoid there!During a 2016 illustration on TheEllen DeGeneres Show,Horan picked close girlfriend Ellie Goulding throughout a video game of “Who’d girlfriend Rather?”. DeGeneres wanted to gain the recent scoop on what--if anything--was happening in between the two of them.

“What occurred with that?” Ellen asked. “Did I aid you get along with Ellie?”

With a coy smile, Horan said, “Nothing has transpired. She’s a great friend of mine. We’ve been friends for a lengthy time. She’s got a boyfriend, so i guess that’s out the window.”

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