Boston and new York are past compare. These cities are very different from every other. Friend will notification a sudden change of way of living when you determined to move in from new York come Boston or Boston to new York.

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Choosing between Boston and brand-new York together the best place come live greatly depends on your preferences. If friend are trying to find plenty of opportunities,New York is the ideal place to live.

The two cities are never ever alike. Brand-new York is a huge city compared to Boston, both in size and also population. City planning in new York is also contrasting to that of Boston. NYC has actually grid-like planning do it much more organized and also structured. Boston, ~ above the one hand, is an ext of a helter-skelter kind.

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How does brand-new York compare to Boston?

Boston Living

Boston will look very tiny when you compare its populace size to new York. The large Apple has a population sixteen times bigger than Boston. NYC is residence to an ext than 8.5 million people, when Boston has only 675,000.

With this lot of a populace in brand-new York, yet only double the dimension of Boston in soil area, NYC is really congested. The is also more densely populated, with much more than 72,000 civilization per square mile.

There are more spaces in Boston than in new York. You have the right to own a spacious home in Boston, i beg your pardon is difficult in new York. You have actually no an option but come squeeze in you yourself in NYC’s small apartments through fewer amenities. However in Boston, you have the right to still have actually the high-end of space.

New York Living

In regards to things to do, new York is tho the bigger city. The is the city the never ever sleeps. Friend will never ever run out of points to do, even in the center of the night. Friend can uncover a location to eat at any type of hour in NYC. Nightlife is likewise vibrant in new York. Bars and clubs are open all night, through plenty the party-goers having actually the best times of their lives.

Whereas in Boston, people are an ext formal and severe. The city has a reputation for being an education center. There room younger occupants in Boston living the student life. Uneven NYC the does no sleep, Boston shuts under after midnight.

By these comparisons, you will notification that NYC and Boston welcome diverse demography. NYC is the city for you if you space the active and colorful kind life the finest time of her life. However, if you desire peace and structured living, Boston is the ideal pick for you.

Is Boston older 보다 NYC?

Boston’s city is constantly romanticized together one that the earliest cities in the US and new York together the most modern. Yet, The large Apple is older 보다 Boston.

Boston is full of history relative to the independence of the united States. There space iconic landmarks in the city linked with the country’s independence. An essential events about American revolution happened in Boston. It has the Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, Siege the Boston, and Battle that Bunker Hill. These room the factors why Boston might seem enlarge than brand-new York.

However, the bird date of brand-new York is 1624, i beg your pardon is earlier than Boston in 1630. That is a early american city that competent Dutch, English rule, and American Revolution.

It is home to America’s defended landmarks, internal landmarks, and also scenic landmarks. These landmarks demonstrated the city’s rich and also colorful history.

How does Boston compare to brand-new York?

Boston and new York are two different cities. Comparing them will highlight each city’s strengths and also weaknesses. Right here are few of the an essential areas to consider when comparing in between Boston and brand-new York:

Work opportunities

New York is a soil of opportunities. There are massive career opportunities for girlfriend in brand-new York.

It accepts world from different walks the life. If you want to climb the that company ladder, the city’s tallest buildings have jobs for you. In case you space on the arts and letters side, there room plenty of theaters to select from.

Whether you have an Ivy organization diploma or have actually not touched college life, over there is work for you. Yet, competition is challenging in this city, and you should toughen approximately survive.

On the other side, Boston is appropriate for world pursuing a career in health, tech, finance, among others. Having a college diploma is also essential in Boston than in brand-new York. Because it is a city v lots of higher education to offer, world are much more likely to acquire a job in significant industries.

Food scene

New York is a global city offering you the ideal cuisines you can uncover all end the world. That has great restaurants and also food spots that are tough to ignore. Friend will never ever run the end of food come eat and try when you continue to be in brand-new York. The city has actually a good food scene and continually transforming depending on those in and also what’s new.

Boston can additionally serve you clean dishes you would want to shot again and also again. It uses you distinct flavors which girlfriend cannot find anywhere in the country. The city has its tweak of Japanese food, even Mediterranean food. The great part of it, good chefs prepared the food served on your plate.


Boston has harsh and freezing winters. Civilization planning to move to the city will have a 2nd thought because of the weather. Winter in this city have the right to be challenging, that you could want to cross it the end of her list that most wanted cities. On the other side, winter in new York tends to be chilly, as well. Yet, it is much less harsh compared to Boston.

Crime Rate

New York is a challenging city. Anyone would agree the the city is for world who have actually the guts to survive. Girlfriend live in brand-new York since you want to be there in spite of having a call of being tough.

However, data proved that in violent and also property crime, Boston and also NYC are comparable. But, that course, over there are an ext peaceful communities in Boston contrasted to new York.

Is it more expensive to live in Boston vs. NYC?

New York City is much more expensive than Boston. Both urban made to the height list the the United says most high-quality city. Boston real estate is high-quality already, however New York is skyrocketing.

Getting an affordable tiny apartment in new York is daunting to find. However, over there are areas in Boston supplying you lower prices.

Even though brand-new York is a soil of opportunities, living below will price you a price. Right here is how these 2 cities compare in the element of the expense of living.

Rent is nearly 35% greater in NYC contrasted to new York. Anyone would agree that new York has the highest possible rent rate among the cities of America. Since the city is running out of accessible real legacy spaces, the home rate continues to go higher.Food and restaurant are 20% higher in brand-new York 보다 in Boston. Also the grocery and other necessities will cost you a lot in brand-new York.Entertainment and recreation are likewise at a staggering price. Whenever friend go out for some entertainment, you should open her wallet, covering out part cash in the city of brand-new York.

New York is a costly city; choosing to live here method paying because that every task you desire to do. It would be ideal if girlfriend did a dual job come pay your rent in new York City. The apartment rate itself can already cost you her monthly earnings.

Is Boston more secure than new York?

Boston is more secure than brand-new York. You will feel safer life in Boston 보다 in new York.

Even though brand-new York is an ext dangerous, its crime rates are reduced than the nationwide average.

The large Apple has actually a violent crime rate of 3.5% contrasted to the national median of 3.7%. On the various other side, it has actually a residential property crime price of 14.4%, in contrast to the national average of 22%.

Even though it is a hard city, new York City has addressed that is crime and also safety concerns. The city’s crime is consistently dropping because of the city’s plan of zero crime tolerance. For the critical ten years, the city’s crime rate has actually fallen to much more than 50%. The is a vast improvement. If there is much sustainability top top peace and order efforts, it will certainly continually go down.

Boston, on the other side, is one of the safest cities in the joined States. That is an ext peaceful come live in Boston 보다 in NYC. Under crimes are emerging in Boston the new York. Another, much more neighborhoods are more secure in Boston compared to brand-new York.

Is Boston cleaner than new York?

New York has actually a call of being dirty. Compared to Boston, that course, New York is dirtier. The city got a dirtiness table of contents of 427.9. Through this, Boston is cleaner than brand-new York.

It surpassed much more than 40 cities in the joined States. It also topped the plank in the aspect of litter and garbage event in the city.

If the city federal government addressed the safety and also crime concerns, over there is lot work to clean NYC. With a high populace density, the amount of garbage per household is uncontrollable.

There are initiatives to attend to the issues; however, the is a complicated task with much more than eight million people. Data merged from organ on the environment suggest to NYC as the dirtiest.

On the various other side, Boston is no the cleanest city at all. The city has actually a reputation for having unsafe water. A couple of years ago, the city government made a committed initiative to clean Boston Harbor. The Boston Harbor, a few years back, was dubbed a port of Shame.

It underwent a 30-year cleanup journey to be able to address the cultivation pollution in the harbor. Today, removing toxicity chemicals native the port proved to be a success. The present-day sanctuary is an ext presentable and also healthier.

Living in big cities through massive breakthrough also coincides to pollution. The flow of world moving into the town way there will certainly be much more garbage. The advertisement buildings and also factories also bring environmental problems to the city.

Given that brand-new York is a more extensive and more far-reaching city, the is additionally expected to be dirtier. Together it is much more developed compared to Boston, an ext commercial establishments develop waste.


Boston and new York are an extremely different cities. Both urban stand out in their distinct way. New York is much more progressive and also vibrant through plenty the offerings. The two communities have cultural offerings and also opportunities which you desire to try all.

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Boston is much more structured that provides you much better stability. Moving right into Boston and new York also method accepting a different method of life. If you come from a little town and an ext provincial state, brand-new York can be overwhelming to you. You can prefer to go to Boston than brand-new York. If you came from loud and colorful cities choose San Francisco and LA, new York is not much of an adjustment.