When friend shop at New York Bride & Groom that Raleigh you space surrounded by nearly 20,000 square feet of pure bridal bliss. Just 5 miles from the love of downtown Raleigh, we specialization in wedding gowns, plus size wedding dresses, tuxedo rentals, practice suits and accessories to compliment her attire. More...

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Whether girlfriend are in search of a fashion-forward wedding gown that provides a dramatic explain or choose a simpler, elegant dress the will lug a tear come his eye, we can assist you select a gown as unique as girlfriend are. Similarly, the groom and also his groomsmen will certainly look their really best dressed in our designer rental tuxedos or practice suits. The bride & groom will certainly look radiant ~ spending time through our jar consultants. We are easily accessible for you every day through no appointment. It’s your day…at her convenience. Visit us now!

For Saturdays, we request your shopping party be minimal to the bride and also 3 guests.

Share in the magic v your “I do” crew in your own intimate dressing and viewing area.

Outstanding customer Service, choice and Pricing, plus No Appointments come Shop, provides us the Premier Bridal shop in the Triangle


We take it special care to save a current, closely curated an option of unique gowns from the industry’s height designers. Ours showroom floor has distinctive styles for every taste, budget, and also size, our showroom floor has actually the perfect dress waiting.

Whether girlfriend are searching for a fashion-forward wedding dress that provides a dramatic declare or favor a simpler, elegant gown that will bring a tear to his eye, we have actually a gown as unique as you are.

Our stunning choice of designer wedding dresses is unequaled in the Triangle. Come in at her convenience (no appointment needed) and find the dress of her dreams.

Thanks to the impeccable service offered by our educated and committed staff, premium wedding dress choice and compete pricing, new York Bride & Groom the Raleigh has raised the traditional for bridal salons in the Triangle.

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The groom is never overlooked in ours salon. Ours tuxedo rental room is filled through samples indigenous the most famous men’s designers to match the bride step for step.

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