By now you understand the drill. Gain dressed up, spend way too much money, and also prepare because that a night that will certainly wind up being an epos … fail. Brand-new Year’s night is the quintessentially hyped-up vacation you can’t seem to find out from year ~ year: as it inch closer, you tend to forget that the typical NYE celebration involves standing in line with thousands of sweaty and desperate strangers, clamoring your way to the $200 open up bar, losing your girlfriend just prior to midnight, and also creepily watching some drunk couple make out. However hey, 2015 to be great, and also you desire to make sure you send that out with the bang that deserves. We gain that. However we likewise know there room plenty of ways to have actually a magical Miami brand-new Year’s, ones that don’t every involve obtaining angry or walking broke. This is our overview to break the standard new Year’s night cycle, and may the crappy brand-new Year’s past be forgot.

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Fireworks at south Pointe Park

Did you know that yes a clues in southern Pointe Park where you can watch every the fireworks being launched throughout Miami? south Pointe Park is among Miami’s favorite viewpoints, and brand-new Year’s eve is the perfect night to get a bird’s eye view of Miami from her picnic blanket. Grab some champagne at the brand-new Total wine on 1st Street, bring fancy finger foods, and also plenty of grapes come ring in 2016.



Have a sophisticated five-course enjoy the meal at Alter

Is this is lastly the year you’ve chose that you a grown-up. Well, grown-ups have sophisticated meals on brand-new Year’s that they don’t proceed to throw up after midnight, so its time to make a reservation at among Miami’s most talked-about restaurants this year. Focusing on seasonal cuisine, chef Brad Kilgore will current five- and seven-course dinners, featuring notable dishes favor his sea scallop espuma with truffle pearls and also caviar. A champagne toast is consisted of with your meal, if you have the room for a toast after ~ all the delicious. Five-course seating is in ~ 7pm, through the seven-course affair kicking off at 9:30pm. Pricing starts in ~ $125.

Hot Chip at Bardot

It’s no an enig that Bardot has some of the ideal indie music programming in the city – ~ all, Bardot’s music director David Sinopoli is just one of the masterminds behind Miami’s III points Music Festival. Brother electro-indie band warm Chip will certainly be gracing Miami through their rad sound this new Year’s Eve, and every solitary hipster in Miami will certainly be there. And while it’s just a DJ set, because it seems like it’s always only a DJ set, you deserve to be certain the band will play lot of of your favorite tracks – fine be cross our fingers because that One Life Stand, anyway.

Billy Joel in ~ BB&T CenterBilly Joel together you remember that best. (Courtesy that pcutler/Flickr creative Commons)

If just want come chill v your dad and do dad stuff, you must take her dad to see Billy Joel. Dads love Billy Joel. Castle love his fast motorcycle. Lock love his cool animal leather jacket. Castle love his voice. Lock love him.

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The piano man has actually only toured sporadically in the last couple of years, preferring to play his tunes practically exclusively at brand-new York’s Madison Square Garden. However he’ll be making his first-ever south Florida new Year’s appearance v a distinct concert at the BB&T facility in Sunrise, and also the ticket are, surprisingly, totally affordable. Just $53 bucks because that a chance to watch the legend in activity — and give your dad his coolest brand-new Year’s Eve since before you to be a twinkle in his eye.