My final short article for my brand-new Super Mario Bros Wii No strength Ups Challenge. This will be specialized to the bonus people 9. Right here is wherein I"d send you earlier to my previous short articles to know exactly how the challenge works and to be as much as date, however you know that already. For this reason let"s no waste anymore time and also get started.

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World 9 is interesting to speak the least. First of all, you have to collect every Star Coin in worlds 1-8 come unlock every level (i.e. Acquiring all Star Coins in civilization 1 unlocks 9-1). Due to the fact that there were part coins that might not be gathered without strength Ups, even in Multiplayer, us technically can"t unlock every level under this conditions. However, I determined to play v all eight level of civilization 9 regardless, just for the sake of completion. Besides, none of the human being 9 levels have checkpoints, which works well because that us.


An athletic level with lots of spinning blocks. The first two Star Coins space both floating in the air, and can be got to by bouncing turn off the surrounding Koopas. The 3rd one is down a pipe (with a Fire Piranha tree inside). Wait for the tree to recede prior to landing on the pipe to go down. Climate you gotta run and also jump from the turn block to land top top the platform on the bottom right, where the third coin is.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S


A beach themed level. There"s a Porcupuffer constantly following you around. Star Coin 1 is easy to get by talk the arrowhead platform down. Coin 2 is in the underwater area the is accessed by riding an additional platform under so you"re surrounding with the pipe. You have actually to very closely swim come navigate around the currents blowing indigenous the pipes, and evade the Cheep Chomp, that deserve to swallow girlfriend in one bite. Finally, Coin 3 needs some brick breaking v a Koopa shell. Since you can"t use Power Ups, you can kill the Porcupuffer with a Koopa shell by time it right. Simply a helpful tip.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S


Tons of warmth seeking cartridge Bills (and Banzai Bills near the end). They sell the ability to carry out an boundless life trick. Additionally, I have actually been able to go for a if without poignant the floor by bouncing off the bullet Bills and Koopas.

Star Coins 1 and 2 both show off a ns Switch. The an initial is down a pipe, and also makes friend navigate a maze to with the center before the p Switch expires. The 2nd one is in the pipe above, and also can be bounced off cartridge Bills to access. After friend hit the ns Switch, you gotta run prefer the wind and jump perfect to obtain to the end before the results wear off. The third coin is in the last component with the Banzai Bills. Closely jump off one of them to acquire it and also safely floor on a platform.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S


An autoscrolling level in the desert. There are a bunch that warp tube (some moving), Fire Piranha Plants, and Bob-Ombs that have the right to be lit by the Piranha Plants. Additionally, there are much more arrow communication to navigate.

The very first Star Coin is basic to get because it"s top top the opposite side of where the an initial Pow Block is. The second coin is interesting since you have to stand on the arrow platform and also let a Bob-Omb land on it so it will certainly sink. Then you have the right to jump and wall surface kick turn off the blue pipe to obtain it. Coin 3 can"t be done however. That"s since you gotta usage an ice cream Flower to frozen the Piranha tree sticking out of the environment-friendly pipe in ~ the end so friend can go into the red one to access it.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: N


A vertical ice cream level. Cooligans and also Fuzzies room the main opponents here. Star Coin 1 is above one the the pipes from which the Cooligans emerge. The 2nd one is in the peak left corner, next to the small ice blocks that have the right to be jumped from. From every the evidence I found, the 3rd coin isn"t feasible even in Multiplayer. That"s since you gotta frozen a Fuzzy and use it together a platform to gain into the alcove. Ns tried transporting Luigi and also jumping from the monitor blocks adjacent and jumping turn off heads, yet I quiet couldn"t do it. Therefore I had actually to mark it not feasible at all.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: N


This is one more lava level, and I appreciated doing some fun skills here. I guess this level is really LAVABLE! Sorry, I had to make a pun. That aside, the Star Coins don"t have actually much come ride house about. The very first is in an alcove below the height of a rock, the 2nd makes you perform some wall kicks, and the third is listed below the warp pipe to the exit. Every that"s needed is come wait because that the Lava Geyser to deactivate, and additionally looking the end for the Fire Chomps.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S


Hardest level in the video game by far. Acquiring all three of the Star Coins was the last point I had to do before 100 percenting the video game on mine very an initial solo playthrough. This is the snowy forest where there are countless fire spewing enemies, and ice blocks the thaw when hit by fireballs (even your very own if you use a Fire Flower). Munchers are encased in the blocks, and become energetic when lock melt.

Coin 1 is easy enough if you move quickly and carefully to grab it and also avoid the Fire Piranha Plants, and also before they melt the blocks. Then Coin 2 is below the lengthy row of coins, and also you"ll need to let the Piranha plants melt them for you come drop under to it. This have the right to be tedious since the blocks ahead can potentially melt too early. The third coin is in between the 2 stacks of ice blocks. You require to have the Fire Bros thaw the heat of block (probably kill them ~ they"ve excellent enough) and also fall in to grab it then wall surface kick come safety.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S


Now time for the critical level in the game. Another autoscroller, this time v Bouncy Clouds. You deserve to grab the Propeller Block near the beginning, which is the ideal means to get all 3 Star Coins. The first is high, however can be flown increase to. The 2nd one is in ~ the finish of a train that Fuzzies. It should also be possible to just bounce turn off the clouds to gain it. Lastly, Coin 3 is wherein the 2 King Bills involved shred v all the block there. When they"ve passed, it"s large open.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S

Total Star Coins Obtainable in human being 9 for single Player: 22/24

Total Star Coins Obtainable in civilization 9 because that Multiplayer: 22/24

Grand full Star Coins Obtainable in solitary Player: 211/231

Grand total Star Coins Obtainable in Multiplayer: 223/231

Grand Total an enig Exits Accessible: 12/14

Overall, this an obstacle wasn"t practically as hard as I thought it would be. Only eight Star Coins were fully impossible to gain with these conditions. Additionally, just the mystery Exits in world 2 can not be accessed due to the fact that they require the Propeller Suit.

Curiously, there were a lot less Star Coins that gave us worries in the later human beings for the main game compared to previously ones. In fact, human beings 3, 6, 7, and 8 were the ones whereby every coin could be grabbed in Multiplayer. Though only civilization 3 would have this distinction in solitary Player. As a result, only civilization 9-3 would certainly be playable in single Player through default, and 9-3, 9-6, 9-7, and also 9-8 for Multiplayer, once it involves unlocking the levels in people 9.

One last many thanks to WikiGameGuides and also his YouTube videos for enabling me to produce gameplay screenshots.

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Thanks for joining me because that this challenge. I absolutely hope you delighted in it as much as ns did placing the articles together.