Skipping leg Day refers to the negligence of reduced body workouts in a weight lifting routine, i m sorry is often linked with out-of-proportion "curlbro" bodybuilders who prioritize upper body aesthetics over functional strength.

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On February 11th, 2004, the earliest recognized use of the phrase “skip foot day” to be posted in the bicycle Forums<1> by member texmex that urged rather to not skip the leg workout in a conversation thread around the prominence of reduced body workouts.



On April 17th, 2004, Steroidology Forums<4> member golden Muscle brought up his distaste because that training legs in a thread title “I dread leg day.” On respectable 21st, 2006, Body structure Forums<5> member jando it is registered a thread titled “why you do not do it skip legs,” in i m sorry he suggested that delayed onset muscle soreness is increased after skipping foot training for one week. ~ above June 19th, 2007, Body structure Forums<6> member philbryant12345 it is registered a thread title "Every time friend skip foot day, you shed a chunk of her brain," in which the asked others to re-publishing "leg day an ideas methods." On may 17th, 2008, Straight wellness Forums<7> member ken posted a thread titled "Why do you guys hate doing legs so much?", claiming the knew numerous men who skipped foot day in favor of upper body workouts. ~ above April 23rd, 2010, Body building Forums<8> member Italian.Muscle submitted a object questioning why "some brahs skip legs." top top July 22nd, 2012, Body building Forums<9> member Based Princess it is registered a photo of a guy at the gym v the caption “Friends don’t let girlfriend skip leg day” (shown below) in a short article titled “The worst situation of chicken legs ns have ever before seen." In the complying with two years, the subject garnered 300 replies.


On January 3rd, 2013, college Humor<3> ran a compilation the photographs featuring guys with large upper body and tiny legs in a article titled “6 world Who Skipped foot Day.” On may 4th, the "Don"t Skip foot Day" Facebook<2> web page was launched, garnering upwards the 37,500 likes in the following 10 months. Top top July 18th, the BroScienceLife YouTube channel post a video titled "How come Skip leg Day," in which host Dom Mazzetti demonstrates miscellaneous excuses generally used to avoid working foot at the gym (shown below). In the very first eight months, the video clip gained over 1.7 million views and also 1,800 comments.

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On respectable 18th, Redditor BearSkinTrenchCoat it is registered a photo of a top-heavy Batman stuffed toy in one /r/funny post<10> title “Looks prefer Batman skips foot day” (shown below, left), accumulating more than 7,800 up votes and also 80 comments before being archived. On February 26th, 2014, Redditor Davidstan submitted an edited screenshot from the video clip game Pokemon in a short article titled “Never Skip leg Day,” in i beg your pardon the player grow a pair of massive legs (shown below, right). In ~ one week, the write-up received upwards the 1,100 increase votes and 10 comment on the /r/twitchplayspokemon subreddit.<11>