Oil and also gas reserves, mineral deposits, thermal energy sources, and also standing lumber are just a couple of examples the
Oil and gas reserves, mineral deposits, thermal energy sources, and also standing timber are just a few examples of together assets the a firm may own
">natural resource
assets the a firm might own. Over there are countless industry-specific accounting measurements attributable to such assets.

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As a general rule, organic resources are initially gotten in in the accounting records at their direct expense plus logically connected items prefer legal fees, surveying costs, and exploration and breakthrough costs. As soon as the expense basis is correctly established, it must be allocated over the periods benefited v a process known together
The process used come allocate the expense of a natural resource asset to the accountancy periods benefited
" >depletion
. Think of it this way: depletion is come a natural source as depreciation is to property, plant, and equipment.


The price of a natural source (less intended residual value) is divided by the estimated units in the resource deposit; the resulting amount is depletion every unit. If every one of the sources extracted throughout a duration are sold, then depletion price equals depletion per unit times the number of units extracted and also sold. If a portion of the extracted resources are unsold resources, climate their expense (i.e., variety of inventory devices times depletion per unit) have to be lugged on the balance sheet as inventory.

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Assume that a mine site is purchased for $9,000,000, and another $3,000,000 is invested on developing the site for production. I think the site is estimated to save on computer 5,000,000 lots of the targeted ore. At completion of the operation, the website will it is in water flooded and also sold as a recreational lake site for an estimated $2,000,000. The depletion price is $2 per ton, as the adhering to calculations show:


If 1,000,000 lots of ore space extracted in a specific year, the assigned expense would be $2,000,000. However where does that cost go? If 750,000 tons are sold and also the other 250,000 tons are simply held in list of extract material, climate $1,500,000 would go to price of goods sold and also the various other $500,000 would certainly go come the balance sheet as inventory. A representative entrance follows:


Equipment offered To Extract herbal Resources

Property, plant, and equipment supplied to extract natural resources need to be depreciated over its beneficial life. Occasionally the advantageous life of such PP&E is tied directly to the natural resource life, even though that is actual physics life is lot longer. For example, if a train monitor is constructed into a mine, the track is of no use once the mine closes (even though it might theoretically still bring a train for a much longer period). As a result, the track would certainly be depreciated over the life that the mine. Conversely, the train the runs ~ above the track have the right to be relocated and used elsewhere; because of this it would likely be depreciated end the life that the train rather than the life the the mine.