(CBS couchsurfingcook.com) – It’s Tuesday, April 28th and also that suggests it has to be “Somepoint Day” in America. Today simply so happens to be National Cubicle Day, that’s best National Cubicle Day. I had to say it twice because I too can’t believe tbelow is a National Cubicle Day. I shelp it again.

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Thanks to our pals at daysoftheyear.com or we may have actually missed this celebration of our workspaces.

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Cubicle Day presents an opportunity for departmentalized office workers to increase over the conformist criteria, customize their cubes, and announce their individuality. Designed by Robert Propst and well-known for a complete absence of individuality, cubicles were first introduced in 1967 as a way to subdivide open up office area and provide employees through a level of privacy. These modular systems were constructed to be quickly reconfigured in virtually as many ways as a bucket of Lego bricks, and also today’s cubicle choices encompass pods of employees via mutual work as well as individual office cubes.

Ways to celebprice encompass improving your Chi through cube Feng Shui, challenging workers to a cube decorating dispute, or ssuggest appreciating the momentary wall surfaces that defend you from the annoying habits of your neighbor. However, you pick to celebprice Cubicle Day, be certain to make your unmistakeable claim on your little bit area of the cube farm.

Here are my height 10 decked out Cubicles courtesy of our friends at Pinteremainder.

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Thanks aacquire to daysoftheyear.com for reminding us of National Cubicle Day. If I had woke up tomorrow and discovered out I missed this celebration, I would have actually missed it.

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