"The remarkable Race" crowned its an initial all-female champion Sunday: the unflappable anesthesiologists and also best friend Nat Strand, 31, and also Kat Chang, 35, that raced roughly the civilization for 23 job this summer in search of $1 million. Twelve million viewers tuned in watch Nat and Kat hustle approximately Los Angeles in the final leg, follow to CBS.

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Show Tracker spoke through the history-making duo on the phone call Monday.

What was your secret come success?

Nat: I definitely think among the keys to our shared success is respect. Kat and also I both really believe in every other and we behaved together a team the whole time. There was never a minute where that was simply Nat or just Kat. We were Nat and Kat the whole race and also I think the really brought about success. We were donate of every other, us respected every other. We tried to choose up slack if the other human being was having a an overwhelming time. Yet we additionally knew the other human being was giving 100%. So ns think racing prefer that and also just doing the in a respectful way, it really helps everybody carry out at their peak level. Yes sir no internal distractions or anything like that. So ns think that mutual respect is the biggest vital and functioning well together in every those various situations.

Kat: ns think additionally on a more tangible level, we simply really to be prepared. We sort of geeked out. Us were ready in state of reading all these write-ups beforehand ~ above dehydration, on jet lag, how to have actually your top performance and sports psychology and also all these type of things. We just made ourselves all set for anything and also expecting the unexpected.

Nat: girlfriend never know the particulars and also you never know what every day is going to hold. However as Kat said, you understand to suppose the unexpected. So we approached the the way any athlete would certainly train for any type of competition. Us tried come visualize everything. We tried come imagine what we’d be doing. And also even though you don’t recognize the specifics, girlfriend do recognize that it’s going to involve fatigue, you do know it’s walking to need focus, and you do know the team is going to have to duty as a unit. So from every those perspectives we really did try to prepare to the fullest.

You were just fully unflappable and also it to be so nice come see. It just seemed for this reason easy in between you. The obstacles may have actually been hard yet it appeared easy between you.

Kat: i think one of the reasons for the is our clinical background and our training. We’re used to gift in stressful situations. We’re supplied to gift tired and having to conform, and also not being able to provide up. We’re not allowed to to speak "I’m tired after being up because that 24 hours and I’m simply going to walk to sleep" when there’s a patience that needs an emergency surgery. So, for us, we just don’t provide up. I think the plays a big role in why we were able to execute so well and have part endurance all the method to the end.

Nat: can you imagine during a code blue or something choose that, you never hear the doctor saying, "Holy crap! This is a code blue! This is therefore awful. I can’t believe this is happening. What walk we execute wrong?" You just go into regulating mode. So it is the way we approached every disaster we had. The didn’t matter whose fault it was or why it was happening. What mattered was — OK, we’re in a situation, we should fix it. Let’s do it quickly and also move the on.

What was your best disaster?

Nat: Kat and also I had actually to each confront down our own worst case an individual scenario.

Kat: Mine would certainly be eating the sheep’s head in Norway. That was mine own personal disaster. And also Nat’s, that course, was the height an obstacle at the finale.

Oh my God, the finale to be so scary.

Nat: i was scared! God, when I had actually to re-watch it, mine heart began going quick again just looking in ~ it.

How lengthy were you swinging in the air?

Nat: A million years.

Kat: A million years that was as with a couple of minutes.

Nat: I don’t understand if you can see this. But I to be so scared that ns was asking the guy, "OK, just how long would we it is in dropping for? just how long have the right to I save my eyes closed?" ns was trying to tell myself — OK, say it’s 4 minutes long — and also these are gonna be the worst four minutes of my life; you know it will be over. I was really trying to discover some method to do it palatable. But, overall, ns think it to be just having actually a steady and also supportive teammate the knew just how to make me feeling the finest in together a an overwhelming situation.

do you have actually a favourite place?

Nat: ns loved Sweden. I believed it was absolutely beautiful and we obtained to drive through practically the whole country. For this reason to be able to drive through those national parks complete of glaciers — just really intense drastic landscapes. And, the course, we had fun play in the snow. And it no hurt that us won that leg.

Kat: Probably St. Petersburg, Russia. Probably due to the fact that it was somewhere that was never on mine radar to go to before due to the fact that there space so plenty of other areas in the civilization that I’d love to go. And that’s the amazing thing around the gyeongju is that you acquire to go to locations that you never would have before. For me, St. Petersburg to be so beautiful and the architecture was so stunning. That really blew me away just how beautiful the was.

The other day i spoke to Phil Keoghan about the reality that there were 2 all-female teams in the finals. He said in his suffer same-sex groups communicate better out there. He claimed men and also women, no issue what their relationship is, have a hard time speak to every other during the competition. What carry out you think?

Nat: i think it is a really interesting observation. I assumed that all three last teams communicated an extremely differently. Kat and I were sort of this common support, inner motivation. Thomas and also Jill had the relationship romantic dynamic. Brook and also Claire had actually Brook together the energizer and also cheerleader and also Claire to be being urged by Brook’s energy. Every three groups showed various ways to it is in successful. However I do think the female-female teams and also the male-male teams, it probably is easier. The way men talk and what castle think is important and also the way women talk and think is necessary probably differs so it’s probably much easier coming from the very same perspective.

This season, viewers have actually been upset with a couple of the males for the means they’ve treated your girlfriends.

Kat: If you in a partnership situation, prefer a dating couple, you’ve probably never remained in a competition with each other or in a stressful case where you’re trying to carry out a single task together. You’ve more than likely been through an individual stressful situations yet it’s a tiny bit various than when you’re do the efforts to do something in a competition situation. Through Nat and I, we’ve operated together and been in stressful situations together, and that’s perhaps why us we’re may be to interact together in getting  a job accomplished.

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Nat: It’s also our personalities. We room not really dramatic people. Us don’t sweat the little stuff. We’re results-oriented. So i think our personalities were well-suited to taking care of the ups and also downs of the race.The 18th season that the show premieres on Feb. 20 and also will be broadcast for the first time in high-definition. Announced on Sunday together an "All-Stars" form of season, CBS said Monday the it will announce the actors in January. Teams illustrated in the promo are not necessarily competing in the gyeongju that is gift filmed now anywhere the world.

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