Part A Name the facility ion ^3- . The oxidation number of iron is +3.Part B Name the facility ion ^2+ . The oxidation number of copper is +2.Part C Name the complex CrCl2(en)2 . The oxidation number of chromium is +2.Part D Name the salt SO4 . The oxidation variety of nickel is +2.Part E Name the salt K4 offered that the carbonate ion acts as a monodentate ligand also in the facility. The oxidation number of platinum is +2.

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Name the coordicountry compounds by applying the adhering to rules: 1. Cation of the facility compound comes first, followed by anion of the complicated 2. The variety of ligands of each type is represented by prefixes, and also name of the . Write the name of the anionic ligands followed by an o-sufsettle, usual names of 4. Write the oxidation variety of main metal atom as Romale numerical in 5. When a facility is negatively charged, the names for these steels are acquired ligands deserve to be created in alphabetical order. neutral ligands. parentheses after the name of the steel. from the resources of their icons Part A In the facility ion

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Part C: Central steel atom of the facility is chromium, its oxidation numbder is +2. Ligands of the complex are ethelenediammine and also chlorine. Name of the facility is dichlorobis(ethylenediamine)chromium ( Part D: Cation of the salt is nickel complicated ion and anion is sulfate(So In thecomplex ion, the main metal atom nickel is surronded by 3 aqua ligands and one carbonyl ligand also. oxidation state of nickel is +2. Name of the salt is triaquacarbonylnickel(II)sulfate. Part E Central atom of the complicated ion is platinum. The complex ion is a anion. Oxidation variety of the platinum is +2. The main atom is surrounded by two anionic carbonate ligands and also 2 fluorine ligands Because of this, the name of the salt is potassium dicarbonatodifluoroplatinate (II