Photo by Hello BeautifulIdris Elba walked the red carpet through is very pregnant girlfriend Naiyana Garth at the 71st Annual golden Globes critical night. Also though the British actor will always be our coco thunder, we must admit the the lovebirds looked stunning together.The Mandela: lengthy Walk To freedom star wore a dark blue Gucci tux. (We were sort of disappointed he no wear among those bow ties that he recently joked turned that on!) and his lovely lady graced the occasion in a mother-to-be glow and black gown by brother maternity-wear designer Tiffany Rose.This to be our very first formal advent to Naiyana, who reportedly started dating Elba critical March. She tagged together with the him in ~ Harper’s Bazaar ladies of the Year awards in London last November, yet she had actually yet to make a debut amongst the eye candy’s die-hard American fans.So, who precisely is this woman? HB did some digging because that you ladies!1. Together you have the right to cleary check out in the pics, Naiyana Garth is prego with Idris’ baby. This will certainly be the very first child for the couple and the 2nd for the actor. He has an 11-year-old daughter called Isan from his marital relationship to ex-wife Dormowa Sherman. They live in Atlanta.2. According to a Google search, Naiyana is British as with her gold Globe-winner boyfriend. She is described as “a London-based professional hair and also make-up artist with substantial experience in Fashion, Film, one-of-a-kind effects/prosthetics, body Painting and also Bridal.” her clients contained film and also TV stars in the UK prefer Jamie Oliver, Rupert Everett, Simon Bird, Freddie Fox, and also of food her brand-new baby daddy.3. Follow to UK’s daily Mail, Naiyana’s online visibility went MIA after the news the her partnership with Idris went public. “Strangely, as shortly as news broke of your romance Naiyana’s Twitter feed disappeared native the website while her personal web page, Naiyanamakeuphair.com, is now listed as gift ‘under construction,’” the website reports.4. She’s a genuine girl who checked out college and worked her means up in her profession. She reportedly attended Waldegrave school for girl in London, then West Thames college in West London.

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Her career in make-up artistry started with humble beginnings at regional mall counters.5. Naiyana’s age has yet to it is in confirmed, but according to one celebrity dating site, she is apparently 26 years old, 15 year Idris’ junior.For more, click here.