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"Mind playing Tricks on Me" is a single by the Geto Boys, featured on their 1991 album we Can"t be Stopped. The couchsurfingcook.com provided within define various mental states such together posttraumatic stress and anxiety disorder. The sample offered in the track is "Hung up On my Baby" through Isaac Hayes from his 1974 film difficult Guys. It to be the only number-one solitary (chart: warm Rap Singles) ever released by the Geto Boys. It reached #23 ~ above the Billboard hot 100, making it the highest charting single by the Geto Boys. an ext »

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I sit alone in mine four-cornered room staring at candlesOh the shit is on?Let me drop some shit like this here, genuine smoothAt night ns can"t sleep, i toss and turnCandlesticks in the dark, visions the bodies gift burnedFour walls simply staring in ~ a niggaI"m paranoid, resting with mine finger ~ above the triggerMy mother"s always stressin" i ain"t life rightBut ns ain"t goin" the end without a fightSee, every time my eye closeI begin sweating and also blood beginning coming out my noseIt"s somebody watching the Ak"But i don"t recognize who the is therefore I"m watching my backI can see him once I"m deep in the coversWhen i awake ns don"t view the motherfuckerHe owns a black color hat like I ownA black color suit and also a cane choose my ownSome could say take it a chill, BBut f*ck the shit, there"s a nigga do the efforts to death meI"m popping in the clip once the wind blowsEvery twenty seconds gained me peeping out my windowInvestigating the joint because that trapsChecking my telephone for tapsI"m staring in ~ the mrs on the cornerIt"s fucked up when your mind"s play tricks top top yaI make huge moneyI drive huge carsEverybody understand meIt"s like I"m a movie starBut late at night miscellaneous ain"t rightI feeling I"m gift tailed by the same sucker"s headlightsIs it that fool that ns ran off the blockOr is it the nigga last week that ns shotOr is it the one ns beat for five thousand dollarsThought he had actually caine yet it to be Gold Medal flourReached under mine seat, grabbed my popper because that the suckersAin"t no use to me lyingI was scareder 보다 a motherfuckerHooked a left right into Popeye"s and also bailed out quickIf it"s going under let"s acquire this shit over withHere they come just like I figuredI obtained my hand top top the motherfucking triggerWhat ns saw"ll make your ass begin gigglingThree blind, crippled and also crazy an elderly citizensI live through the swordI take it my boys anywhere I go because I"m paranoidI save looking end my shoulder and also peeping roughly cornersMy mind is playing tricks top top meDay by day it"s much more impossible come copeI feel choose I"m the one that"s act dopeCan"t keep a secure hand due to the fact that I"m nervousEvery Sunday morning I"m in servicePraying for forgivenessAnd do the efforts to uncover an departure out the businessI know the mr is lookin" at meBut yet and still it"s difficult for me to feeling happyI regularly drift once I driveHaving fatal think of suicideBang and get it end withAnd climate I"m worry-free, yet that"s bullshitI obtained a little boy come look afterAnd if I died then my child would be a bastardI had a mrs down v meBut come me that seemed prefer she was down to gain meShe assisted me the end in this shitBut come me she to be just an additional bitchNow she"s ago with she motherNow I"m establish that ns love herNow I"m emotion lonelyMy mind is playing tricks on meThis year Halloween fell on a weekendMe and also Geto Boys room trick-or-treatingRobbing tiny kids because that bags"Til a old man gained behind our assSo us speeded up the paceTook a look ago and he to be right before our faceHe"d be in because that a squabble no doubtSo ns swung and also hit the nigga in his mouthHe was going under we figuredBut this wasn"t no simple niggaHe stood about six or 7 feetNow that"s the nigga I"d be seeing in my sleepSo us triple-teamed ~ above himDropping castle motherfucking B"s on himThe an ext I swung, the more blood flewThen the disappeared and also my boys disappeared tooThen ns felt as with a fiendIt wasn"t also close come HalloweenIt to be dark together f*ck on the streetsMy hands were all bloody, from punching on the concreteGoddamn, homieMy mind is playing tricks on me

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Geto guys Geto boys (originally assignment Ghetto Boys) is a rap team from Houston, Texas, consisting of Scarface, Willie D, and also Bushwick Bill.

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The Geto Boys have earned notoriety for your couchsurfingcook.com i m sorry cover controversial object such together misogyny, gore, psychotic experiences, and also necrophilia. The Geto boys broke new ground v their soulful southerly sound (a precursor come the Dirty southern style). much more »