My bitch gained a body like alba

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MIKE STUD - to "Swish" song by MIKE STUD: My bitch gained a body prefer Alba What up dog? I'm the alpha So you better watch out, bruh And that goes...
CALI SWAG DISTRICT - Shake Somethin'Hit em poor, they hopin I leave my youngsters there choose a day camp (Huh) shinin ... My bitch acquired a booty choose a hypo ... Pop a molly, let yo body store sweatin ugh! woo!
T PAIN - Superstar Lady Yeah oh, / Oh yeah / She gained a stomach like Ciara. / Hair Like Beywhen. ... Searching for my shawty, tell me have u seen her?. Party like a Hilton. ... Alba, Beal, or Simpkid. Never been a ... And I don't treatment if you get mad bitch. Cause I know that...
ASAP ROCKY - Electric Body
Not a jerk favor the new boys, groovin' prefer Schoolboy Q, nigga. I done killed a couple of boys, nigga. Dvery own a pair shots, turn it up one more notch. Got a bitch that's in...
MACHINE GUN KELLY - Alpha OmegaMake all of y'all bow choose my name is Anubis Talk out your medulla gain hit through bazookas (Bitch!) I am the alpha, I am the omega (What?) I am the alpha,...
CHRIS BROWN - Snapbacks Back25 for the belt nigga acquire off my dick. I brought the ... Your bitch booty favor a pancake level flap jack ... Your body hanging from fat ... I obtained your girls all on my (dick)
August Alsina - Numb ... by August Alsina. Gold all on my neck / Bapoint ape on my back / Even though I'm looking from the front / I deserve to still check out that ago / I acquired. ... 'Causage yo body on fire, you also warm ... Like a huge Glock, bitch acquired high then she made her booty drop
D12 - My
Band"My Band". I don't recognize dude... I think everyone's all jealous and shit cause I'm prefer the lead singer of a band also dude... And I think everyone's acquired a fucking...
EMINEM - Bet Shady 2.0 CypherLike a potato with a bunch of meatheads choose fuck it. I just feed em a cow ... my case Addidas I'm out this bitch drinking Sprite by the 2 liter ... But I gained this shit from uptvery own, she my summer bunny ... Body be found in the mansion in one of my trap doors. If pumps ... While I'm cyber sexing through Jessica Alba, via Skype I'm on my...

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MEEK MILL - A1 EverythingMy brand-new young chick look exactly choose Rihanna ... Cuz I gained A1 every little thing, A1 everything ... Puttin' my all inside your bitch, I grip her hips thats power steering
MEEK MILL - BurnI got green on height of green. Damn it's lookin' prefer I thrived it. D-Town, The hood behind me favor a King Cobra Burn, Bitch I let it burn bitch. My money...
EMINEM - Evil TwinI feel favor Mace as soon as he offered up the game for his faith. I feel choose I'm ... Simpchild or Alba, my albums just sicker than struck with the fever before ... Fuck that shit, bitch ... And I got an evil twin, so that the fuck you think that's 3rd and also that fourth spot's for?
Eminem - BET Shady 2.0 Cypher Is choose putting Nikes on a cheetah, better speed up. Or at leastern in my instance Adidas I'm out this bitch, drinking Sprite by the two-liter. Holler ... But I acquired this chick from uptvery own, she my summer bunny. Both parental fees ... Body be discovered in a mansion in one of my trapdoors. If punks ... While I'm cyber-sexing through Jessica Alba through Skype


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