My big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Considers IVF In new Season Teaser My huge Fat Fabulous Life\"s Whitney method Thore is viewed considering IVF ~ the brand-new season teaser autumn on TLC through an august premiere date.

My huge Fat Fabulous Life’s new trailer just dropped, and also fans are worried, come say the least. Whitney way Thore is back for Season 8, and the Greensboro native is looking forward to moving on from Season 7\"s heartbreak. After her really public breakup with Chase Severino, Whitney is now earlier in her hometown so she deserve to lean ~ above her support system.

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TLC viewers were beside themselves upon hearing the news that Whitney would certainly not be getting her fairytale finishing with Chase. It involved light that the UNC Charlotte graduate had actually cheated top top his fiance throughout the coronavirus isolation duration and was going to be a father. Chase invited his daughter, Aurora, in September the 2021, and Whitney also FaceTimed with the newborn. My large Fat Fabulous life lovers doubted the validity of your engagement after rumors began spreading about a potential suitor awaiting the TLC personality in France.

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People common the very first look the the trailer, which verified Whitney and also her friends obtaining on through their lives. Buddy Bell is tho living v Whitney, also though he has a girlfriend that takes up most of his time. Instantly upon seeing the teaser, some took to a Reddit object to do rude comments about the IVF process they experienced Whitney walk through, v one saying, \"IVF? Oh, dear. I deserve to just imagine the storyline.\" The whole thread mocks the idea of Whitney ending up being pregnant and also guesses that she would somehow to convince Buddy to be a donor.

however the large storyline will be around her brand-new flirtation. The two met while Whitney was taking virtual French lessons. The preview proved the two video chatting as they make the efforts to number out wherein they stand in love. Naturally, she close friends room worried it might be a catfish situation, and Todd is the loudest to voice his concerns. Top top Thursday, Whitney shown she was in a brand-new relationship with her French guy via one Instagram post. She wouldn\"t display his challenge claiming he to be a an extremely private man.

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Whitney has been in Marseille, France, holidaying v some friends and the secret man. If viewers do not know how his name, they have the right to tell the is tall and also attractive, according to Whitney\"s girlfriends. Even though Whitney has had a challenging year, every little thing looks like it is about to work out. Season 8 that My large Fat Fabulous Life will undoubtedly have a much more positive spin and show Whitney in a much better place.