Artists Angaea Cuna, Fran Goodfriend, & Sara Quinn will discuss their functions featured in The publication As Art, Vol. 9: MUSE
Join us for a Zoom artist speak featuring 3 of the artists from The publication as art v.9: Muse on September 15, 2021. Angaea Cuna, Fran Goodfriend, & Sara Quinn will talk about their work and participate in a Q & A. This is component of the virtual endure of the 2021 exhibit. For much more information, visit This occasion is cost-free and open to the public, however you have to register top top to get the link to the Zoom webinar.

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Angaea Cuna is a multimedia artist, focusing mainly ~ above bookbinding and installation works. Angaea’s projects are bio-centric to reconnect heritage, identity, and culture with nature. Themes the immigration, displacement, and also the Pacific Island Diaspora room explored as well. Angaea graduated through a BFA indigenous the style Media Arts at UCLA and she’s currently based in Kona, Hawaii. She started Gaea tied studios in 2020 and works in ~ the donkey Mill Art center as their Bookbinding and Paper-making Director.

In 1977 Fran Goodfriend perfect a degree in ladies Studies and Art from western Washington University. After university she relocated to san Francisco. She ongoing her arts education and learning at mountain Francisco State College, City college of san Francisco, and Sun Valley center for the Arts. She was additionally an apprentice in ~ a local pottery studio. She love working with clay, hand building and also throwing pots. She concentrated on Raku pottery drawn to the calligraphic currently of Japanese brushwork. Her feeling of humor emerged in quirky clay sculptures decorated v cartoonish narratives. ~ holding several part-time jobs, she obtained an elementary to teach credential in 1990. Her emphasis was beforehand childhood. She taught kindergarten in the bay Area and overseas in Morocco, Taiwan, and also Papua Indonesia. The collages, drawings, and paintings she developed for the seven years overseas came to be the communication of artists" publications when she retirement in 2002. Reading as a child was a finish emergence into imagination. Book art is currently a way for she to rediscover that experience. The beginning point that the procedure is roaming v old books. With collage or painting, she layers, buries, and then reemerge words and also images. The themes the each book are often obtained from an old book. Someone’s past story is turned into a new shape and also an oddly various story. Other times she demands to retell some part of she story so she conjures the content to accomplish her needs. She right now live in Santa Rosa, California, Sonoma County. She has displayed at occasionally Books and Gallery path One, Pt Reyes Station, Sebastopol center for the arts CA, Georgia facility for the Book, and 23 Sandy. Her artist books are post at

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Sara Quinn (she/her) is an educator and also artist native Atlanta that is figuring out what place publications have in our personal and cumulative liberation. She makes publications for and with kids and also with grown human being who room trying to store their understanding open. She teaches students to read and to make things that issue to them, tree their very own seeds and also harvest their very own fruits. Her publications use words and drawings and dreams and also homemade inks to make an are for seeking, feeling, unlearning and radical imagination.