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Jessica Fletcher is house in Cabot Cove because that this episode! She’s taking a walk on the beach when she runs into a young male who turns out to it is in a visiting Catholic priest. They quickly strike increase a friendship, so as soon as the priest hears who confess to murder, he asks Jessica because that advice ~ above what to do.

Just the facts:

Click on the text listed below to reveal spoilers.

Click to disclose the victim It was Evan West, a neighborhood businessman and also all-around creep! Click to reveal the killer It was the nurse, Marilyn!! Click to reveal the weapon He to be stabbed v a knife! Click to disclose the ar It remained in Marilyn’s house, but she later on used an old wheelchair to gain his body back to the beach! Click to expose the engine Marilyn was having an affair v Evan and was horrified to find out the he was chasing after his step-daughter!

Cast that characters:

As this is a Cabot Cove episode, we have the regulars:

William Windom together Dr. Seth HazlittRon Masak together Sheriff Mort MetzgerWill Nye as Deputy Floyd. (This is Nye’s 6th out the 14 complete appearances top top MSW together the same character.)

At the centre of this story is:

Hunt Block together Father Donald Barnes, a new priest who has pertained to temporarily cover because that the local priest who has actually gone top top vacation. (This is Block’s first of three complete appearances on MSW.)Jennifer Runyon together Kelly Barrett, a young local who has confessed to father Barnes that she has actually committed murder. (This is Runyon’s an initial of two total appearances on MSW.)Madlyn Rhue as Doris West, Kelly’s mother. (This is Rhue’s first appearance on MSW. A pair of years later, she joins the display as a recurring regular, Cabot Cove librarian Jean O’Neill.)Bonnie Bartlett as Marilyn North, Doris’s nurse/carer.Jon Cedar together Evan West, regional businessman, Doris’s husband and Kelly’s stepfather.

Other locals in this story include:

Lance Kerwin together Eddie Frayne, a young local who is holy ghost disabled.Alan Feinstein as George Woodward, a lawyer rental to defend Eddie. (This is Feinstein’s an initial of two full appearances ~ above MSW.)Robert Horton together Jack Hutchings, a former English teacher and old friend of Doris and Kelly. (This is Horton’s last ever on-screen appearance.)

There were additionally a grasp of minor characters credited, but all of the continuing to be actors made only a solitary appearance on MSW.

Other trivia and final thoughts:

The premise the a murderer confessing come a priest that is then unable come divulge the killer’s identity is also the premise the the Alfred Hitchcock film I Confess (1953). Those who have seen both this episode and also the Hitchcock movie thus might find some similarities.

As I have been do the efforts to store track the recurring actors on the show, I also found it exciting that Jennifer Runyon and Hunt Block both appear in an additional MSW episode: “Murder, Plain and Simple”, albeit as various characters.

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