One that the much more premium bottles of water, but does hill Valley water have actually fluoride?

And considering it’s price, let’s hope you obtain what you salary for.

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So let’s jump directly to the answer…

Does mountain Valley Water have Fluoride?

According to the mountain Valley water top quality report, their water has 0.1 ppm that fluoride. So yes, mountain Valley water does have actually fluoride but 0.1 ppm is a very low amount and also is safe for consumption.

This would rank mountain Valley very well compared to the other 121+ brand at bottled water without fluoride.

And here’s a screenshot of the water report, through fluoride level circled in red.

The reason this is crucial is due to the fact that you don’t want toxic compounds native cheap plastic leaching right into your water.

As there’s no suggest in dodging the fluoride bullet just to chug under a cocktail of microplastics.

And it’s a fact, many brands are filled with microplastics.

But there space a few brands the are better than hill Valley, and also to check out which brand those might be, I’ve put together a list of the safest and healthiest brand of bottled water.

Along with the fluoride test results of 121+ brand of bottled water.

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