OH and also I space working the end girl names. And also I know that five loves Emily. I’m not certain right currently so giving myself part time to work it out. I was just wondering what middle name would you placed with Emily?

It can not be; Faith, Grace, Anne, Elizabeth or Rose. Us are additionally considering Violet together a an initial name so not that one of two people please.

Thank you


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I to be not sure what types of names friend love, for this reason I will throw every kinds of center names the end there.

Emily Josephine (I love Emilie Josephine)Emily JaneEmily LouisaEmily LouiseEmily HarperEmily PiperEmily SageEmily HopeEmily SophiaEmily CatherineEmily AzureEmily CoraEmily MargaretEmily MaritEmily PearlEmily Joy

The Emilys I understand are Emily Faith, Emily Grace, Emily Rose and Emily Jillian.

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Not also helpful, as many of those are on her no-go list. Ns think numerous different names can be paired with Emily…Not certain of her name preferences, for this reason my proposal are all over the map…

Emily KathrynEmily Jane/JuneEmily MeredithEmily EliseEmily SkyEmily ViolaEmily AvaEmily ElizaEmily BethEmily PaigeEmily TaylorEmily AdeleEmily CosetteEmily FayeEmily AnnetteEmily CassandraEmily ErinEmily Maeve