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Definition of Microsoft BackOffice in Network Encyclopedia.

What is Microsoft BackOffice?

Microsoft BackOffice is a comprehensive and incorporated family the server commodities for intranets, corporate networks, and also the Internet. Microsoft BackOffice is accessible in 2 different combined product suites – BackOffice Server and also BackOffice small Business Server – and likewise as a collection of separately obtainable products, i m sorry are listed in the complying with table.
Microsoft Backoffice

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Other Microsoft BackOffice ProductsApplicationDescriptionMicrosoft SNA Server 4Used to incorporate mainframe and AS/400 applications, data, and security through PC neighborhood area network (LAN), broad area network (WAN), and Internet/intranet environmentsMicrosoft organize Data ReplicatorProvides bidirectional photo replication of data between Microsoft SQL Server and multiplatform DB2 databases by way of SNA ServerMicrosoft Proxy Server 2Offers firewall defense functions and high-performance net caching in one productMicrosoft Systems monitoring Server (SMS) 1.2A multisite administration system that provides integrated desktop computer management for customers with medium to large Microsoft Windows–based environmentsMicrosoft SQL Server 7A scalable, high-performance database-management system designed for dispersed client/server computer that includes built-in data replication, management tools, integration with the Internet and also intranets, and an open device architectureSQL Server 7, companies EditionA high-performance database-management device designed because that large, high-availability database applications and also distributed, mission-critical database applicationsMicrosoft Exchange Server 5.5A messaging and collaboration server for businesses of all sizes that fully supports internet protocolsExchange Server 5.5, enterprise EditionAdds unlimited message storage and also other enhancements to Exchange ServerMicrosoft website Server 2A an extensive Web site environment for creating, deploying, and also managing intranet sites making use of Windows NT and Internet info Services (IIS)Site Server 2, enterprise EditionAdds functions for the advanced management that commerce-enabled web sites to website Server

Microsoft BackOffice Server?

BackOffice Server is an integrated suite that server applications that space optimized because that the Microsoft windows NT operation system. Microsoft BackOffice Server allows organizations easily develop, deploy, and administer an effective intranet and line-of-business applications.It gives integration, cohesion, and ease the use along with scalability, interoperability, availability, and manageability. BackOffice Server is likewise the easiest and also most cost-effective way to license and use the BackOffice family members of commodities through customer access licenses (CALs).The advanced features the BackOffice Server variation 4.5 encompass the following:Support for all major Internet protocolsMessaging and collaboration servicesDatabase servicesSystems management servicesProxy and also firewall servicesWeb site content publishing, management, and analysis servicesMainframe organize integration servicesMicrosoft administration Console (MMC)Cross-suite reporting with Seagate Crystal details version 5Intranet starter website with sample applicationsIntegrated, scenario-based setupWeb-based administration toolsDevelopment toolsBackOffice Server version 4.5 contains the adhering to applications to provide core networking, file and print, communication, Web, and application services:Windows NT 4Internet info Server 4Microsoft table of contents Server 2Microsoft Certificate ServerMicrosoft Transaction Server (MTS) 2Microsoft blog post Queue (MSMQ) ServerMicrosoft Internet link Services because that Remote accessibility Service (RAS)Microsoft FrontPageMicrosoft Exchange Server 5.5 and Microsoft OutlookMicrosoft Proxy Server 2Microsoft SNA Server 4Microsoft SQL Server 7Microsoft site Server 3 (free coupon included)Microsoft Systems administration Server (SMS) 1.2Seagate software Crystal info 5 (five-user)

Microsoft BackOffice small Business Server?

BackOffice small Business Server is a complete, combined solution because that businesses with 25 or fewer PCs. Microsoft BackOffice small Business Server includes file, print, and application services; communication services; and also Internet link services.Small company Server integrates this applications from the BackOffice family members of products:Microsoft windows NTMicrosoft Exchange ServerMicrosoft SQL ServerInternet information ServicesMicrosoft Proxy ServerSmall business Server likewise extends this BackOffice use by including the following:Microsoft Fax ServiceMicrosoft Modem sharing ServerInternet connectivity for little businessesSmall service Server is simple to collection up and also manage, and it can grow with a business’s needs. It includes the adhering to features:Unified, integrated management through the small Business Server ConsoleSimple, wizard-based installation and also configuration (from creating users to installing printers and establishing web connectivity)Easy setup and configuration of customer computers making use of the set Up computer WizardExtensive online assist and troubleshooting tips for the administrator and usersAn simple upgrade path to BackOffice Server as soon as a business grows beyond 25 computersSupport for e-mail, the Internet, and also faxScheduling and collaboration functions through the Microsoft Outlook desktop computer information manager and Exchange Server