Connect your USB On-the-Go capable tablet computer or Smartphone to USB 2.0 gadgets (thumb drives, USB computer mouse or keyboard, etc.)


1x USB 'A' woman connector portDurable PVC constructionSupport for USB OTG (On-the-Go) qualified devices present more1x Micro USB 'B' masculine connector

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The UUSBOTGADAP USB OTG Adapter converts your Micro USB On-The-Go capable tablet computer computer or Smartphone into a USB OTG hold by adding a USB port to your mobile digital device, which boosts its use and enables you to use a USB peripheral such as a thumb drive, or a USB mouse or keyboard, etc.

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Backed through our life time warranty, this Micro USB OTG Adapter is constructed for best durability, come ensure dependable, long-lasting connections.

Please Note: This adapter will only work-related with tools that support USB OTG. You re welcome consult her documentation and/or your organization provider to ensure the your device does support USB OTG functionality.


Add a conventional USB harbor to your Micro USB OTG capable tablet computer computer or SmartphoneConnect a USB key-board or computer mouse to your tabletConnect a ignorance drive to your tablet, mobile or eReader, because that removable data storage

The Advantage

Download pictures, transport data and work much more efficientlyGuaranteed reliability

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Warranty InformationConnector(s)HardwarePackaging InformationPhysical CharacteristicsWhat's in the Box
1 - Connector AUSB Micro-B (5 pin)
1 - Connector BUSB Type-A (4 pin) USB 2.0
Connector PlatingNickel
Cable coat MaterialPVC - Polyvinyl Chloride
Package Height0.6 in <15 mm>
Package Length4.9 in <12.5 cm>
Shipping (Package) Weight0.3 oz <8 g>
Package Width3.5 in <90 mm>
Package Quantity1
Weight of Product0.2 oz <6 g>
Product Length1.5 in <39 mm>
Product Width0.7 in <17 mm>
Product Height0.5 in <12 mm>
1 - contained in PackageMicro USB OTG Adapter M/F


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Frequently request Questions

Everything is hooked up but nothing is working. What should I do?

When girlfriend troubleshoot issues with a USB On-The-Go (OTG) cable or adapter, there are some fast tests that you can complete to rule out potential problems. You can test come make certain that the following contents are functioning correctly and also are no the source of the issue:

Mobile device

USB peripheral

Attached media

To test her setup components, try the following:

Use the OTG cable, USB peripherals(s), and attached media with an additional mobile device to view if the difficulty is through the components or the mobile device.

Test the attached media ~ above a computer system system.

Use a different mobile device, USB peripheral, and also USB media in her setup to see if the problem persists. Ideally, you should test a component the you know works in another setup.

If a USB storage maker is not detected, do surethat the complying with is true:

The mobile an equipment is compatible with OTG through verifying the mobile device"s technical specifications.

The USB storage deviceis utilizing a record system that is compatible through your mobile device (for example, NTFS).

The mobile maker detects the USB storage machine in a document browser (for example, Android record Manager).

If there are USB peripherals attached, such as hubs or adapters, make certain that the complying with is true:

The USB peripheralshave vehicle drivers compatible through the operating mechanism of the mobile device.

The USB peripherals are kept to a minimum and also used only when necessary.

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USB On-The-GO (OTG) enables mobile devices to act as a organize for USB peripherals. To usage OTG v a mobile device using a micro-USB connector, you have to use one OTG adapter to transform from the mobile an equipment to USB.

Although plenty of mobile tools use the micro-USB connector and the OTG adapters plug right into your mobile device, the mobile maker must have OTG support. OTG support is a hardware specification on your mobile machine and can not be resolved using update of any type of kind.

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To identify if your mobile an equipment is OTG compliant, describe the technological specifications of her mobile device.