This article includes all about latest celebrity haircut, celebrity hairstyles and celebrity natural hair color ideas. Yes! I mean sexiest Hollywood celebrity Megan Fox is here with her trendy hairstyles and natural hair color dye tips show she does, let to see 25 photos of her modern hair activities.

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She loves various hair textures but brunette color softens on Megan Fox, it is a highly requested look in the salon. Scroll down and browse Megan Fox hairstyles and hair colors to find out what you look like. You can find out what Megan Fox hairstyle suits you the most by viewing our arrangements.


Who can ignore the icon of beauty, Megan Fox? She has appeared in several ‘Sexiest’ lists in the recent years and is reflected as one of the hottest actress and model in America. Due to her richest skin tone and eye-catching facial attributes, she looks so gorgeous with every haircut and shades.

Actress looks completely normalized, as she probably would like to go with multi trends hairstyling art like Taylor Swift and Amber Heard. At this page, we have compiled a list of 25 meaningful photos of Megan Fox that will prove that her beauty certainly not dependable on hairstyles but each hairstyle gains view’s focus due to Megan’s personality.

Center parted hairstyle with waves and curls, updo, bob, stylish puff with blonde and brunette textures; furthermore dark natural bright and black hair color dye hairdos are her favorite choices. This naturally beautiful celebrity looks absolutely superb while sporting all these looks.

Following 25 photos of Megan Fox’s hottest hairstyles with vibrant colors will definitely refresh your eyes.

1 – Megan Fox Long Wavy Center Parted Bangs Hairstyle

Megan Fox is known for her long wavy natural dark and flirty hairstyles. This bombshell manages to keep her hair long while still showing off her marvelous. Face framing romantic waves highlights the deep eyes well, she is looking really sexiest.


3 – Megan Fox Ponytail Natural Hair Color

Celebrity shows off her voluminous ponytail hairstyle with natural color, a diversifying haircut which is very sexy and glam looking. Haircut is subtly accurate for Long Face and Long Neck lined ladies. Love this style.


5 – Megan Fox Natural Black Hair Color

Of-course every single hair color has its own uniqueness and appeals. Black or dark hair color has its own distinct, but sometime an attractive face accepts such hair color in natural sequence creating a brave look.

This beautiful face may be of Megan Fox, she looks really so attractive, her facial features bloom like a rose. Is this her casual style or formal, she is cute in each case.


7 – Megan Fox Sexy Long Wavy Hairstyle

Chocolate brown hair with honey blonde highlights look so unique and stylish, every woman likes to have the stunning appearance like Megan Fox.


9 – Megan Fox Fine Hairstyle Natural Color

Make sure to check it out if you have fine hair. This texture has a great length, so a little goes a long way—keep it natural by using just a small amount.


11 – Megan Fox Messy Curly Hairstyle

Megan Fox changed up her usual straight hairstyle with messy curls after a trip to the salon in Los Angeles. She goes from the Orange Carpet to the Streets wearing this beautiful hair color style.


13 – Megan Fox Brown Hair Color with Long Silky Hair

Look her from side pose; her fine-looking long silky locks create liveliness on Megan’s face.


15 – Megan Fox Highlights

Megan’s amazing long highlights layers have been roughly curled at the ends adding volume and movement. Chocolate brown hair with caramel and honey highlights emphasizes us to learn why mostly Hollywood celebs like prefer such highlights.


17 – Megan Fox Cool Natural Hair Color

To find out the fascinating hairstyles of Megan, let’s follow the subsequent photo. As a famous actress, Megan Fox needs to right hairdo wisely, particularly hair color.

A long layered deep textured hew, which is super sexy, cool and natural-looking certainly belongs to her.


19 – Megan Fox Messy Curly Hair

How Megan Fox was looked in Teen Choice Awards? Take a review to picture of 2007. She gave her frizzy, messy curled hair some straightening. Just like the girl next door, she looks sweet and innocent with just the right amount of edge.


21 – Megan Fox Flattering Hairstyle & Natural Hair Color

A nice click takes some serious skill. There are so many things that need to be lined up perfect beauty of a woman – flattering lighting, long manes, and the inner excitement of the wearer, Megan Fox looks at all.


23 – Megan Fox Short Hairstyle & Natural Hair Color

The actress wore this short hairstyle during Scream Awards shoots and confidently showcased her sexiness with natural hair color.

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25 – Megan Fox Beautiful Elegant Retro Hairstyle


To close the above discussion, we can say that no matter what type of hair you have, you should select the hairstyle which tributes your face shape. Megan Fox’s Hairstyles Photo and Hair Color tips are best for the women who have Long/Oval Face Shape and Long Neck also. Well managed hair mounts your stunning personality and makes you notable among masses.