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Ohhhhhhh yeah! Brooklyn, Brooklyn! We"re bringin" the "hood to you! Gather about, thugs! Mad Dog is in the home through blue raspberries so blingin" it"ll power your hooptie, dawg!Manufacturer: Mogen David Inc., New York

Price: 3.59 / 750ml.

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Alcohol Content: 13%

Found In: Frederick, MD

Presentation: 3/5 – Cloudy pale blue choose over-chlorinated pool water.

Taste: 4.5/5 – Very comparable to blue raspberry Icee --however not as sweet-- through cheap vodka.

Burn: 2/5 – Surprisingly smooth, exceptionally chuggable take on the classical Mad Dog.

Buzz: 1/5 – For as conveniently as I drank the bottle, it hardly did anything for me.

Rarity: 5/5 – Definitely the many tough MD 20/20 I tracked down.

Value: 4/5 – One of the better Mad Dogs on the market

Now this is a testimonial I’ve been waiting to create for fairly some time! When I initially learned that MD 20/20 had actually a blue raspberry flavor (a king among Jolly Ranchers and Air Heads) I automatically started hounding every liquor save clerk I might find to gain some of this sauce on an incoming shipment, yet it was all for naught. It wasn’t until an emergency road trip to Frederick, Maryland that I regulated to snag two bottles of “Bling Bling” Blue Raspberry at a location called DJ’s Liquors.

You"ll notice the gold chain on this bottle proclaiming "Bling Bling" which is apparently Mad Dog"s means of trying to score some sales amethod from Hypnotiq. For those of you that do not know, Hypnotiq is a light blue liquor made from vodka and also fruit juices which has come to be an increasingly well-known "entertainment" drink. Pretty much eextremely drink made with Hypnotiq is an ice-blue color equivalent to what you watch in this bottle of Mad Dog.Now, on to the trials at hand: After analysis some various other reviews throughout the internet I was expecting a very sweet, syrupy raspberry taste, however after opening the bottle I was met with a milder, melted slush flavor on height of typical Mad Dog thickness and hard liquor. I have to admit that I wasn’t won over with my first few sips, yet after a day of sitting in the fridge I had another go at this lengthy awaited soldier and also the Bling certainly grew on me. I managed to power my method with the bottle in document time, but even after sucking all the sulfites off the bottom of the glass I wasn’t feeling in the leastern little bit buzzed. It was disappointing, yet about all that told me was that I can drink more!

Stay through me, currently. About a week later I opened up my freezer and found the second bottle of Blue Raspberry that I"d entirely forobtained around. I was already sailing a bit off some gin and tonics that I was mixing up at my desk so I decided to take on the bottle for one more round. Let me say this: as soon as frozen to sub-zero temperatures on peak of an already stiff buzz, this bum wine is actually pretty damn excellent. I recognize it"s a sacrilige to even suggest it, however I could conveniently discover myself drinking this casually via even more world in the room than just myself and my legion of insecurities. Chilled so well it was actually refreshing and tasted pretty decent. There was no alcoholic burn or remnant grape taste to be had actually, it was simply directly, chilly raspberries (so blingin"!).

My pilgrimage to Maryland scored me fairly a couple of brand-new bum wines to review, however I was certainly looking forward to this one the many and in the finish I’d need to say it didn’t disapsuggest. I was really hoping for a lot more sugary goodness in this bottle, but I intend that can be included with a shot of easy syrup, especially once cooled to proper temperatures via a generous application of liquid nitrogen.Carbonating this can actually make a halfmethod appetizing party beverage, but at that suggest you’re more than likely just partying with yourselfor some other closet alcoholics. As constantly, continue to be ameans from the bum wines other than as a novelty.

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Add up the valiant attempt at a blue raspberry flavor, smooth drinkcapability, and the triumph of finding a pretty scarce 20/20 offering and also this wine makes a name for itself among the greats.