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Pest problem? even if it is it’s one ant, cockroach or various other pest infestation, it’s time to call the local experts: McNeely pest Control. At McNeely, we incorporate science with endure to provide the most effective pest control and also wildlife removal solutions available. In enhancement to competent pest professionals, we likewise have one entomologist and also biologist on staff to provide training to our staff and also assistance to our customers. We offer customers in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, Charlotte, High Point, Asheville/Hendersonville, Boone, Lexington, Mt.Airy , Troutman, and also throughout the Piedmont, and Northwest parts of southern Carolina and also Southwest portions of Virginia.

Serving you From these Office Locations

Pest control services, termites, ants, bed bugs, and also wildlife solutions we cover the all!


Get every the details here and call for a free Estimate to safeguard your household from bats and also other wildlife that get in your residence through it’s roof.

Our total solution pest control services include:

Why select McNeely?

Our meeting to reliable pest control shows. We’ve made investments in high high quality equipment, the latest technologies and great team of insect professionals. Each of ours technicians undergoes constant training in control methods like bed bug heat remediation, and wildlife removal.

But we don’t simply pride oneself on efficiency – together your hometown insect company, we also carry out friendly, experienced expertise. Once you contact McNeely insect Control, you’ll obtain prompt company from an exterminator that has actually been extensively trained and also is committed to resolving your pest problem. At McNeely, we keep a drug-free workplace and all employees participate in complete background, driving and drug testing checks.

Green, environmentally responsible pest control

The McNeely Pest manage team uses combined pest administration methods as a part of our commitment to environmentally responsible insect control. V IPM, we minimization the usage of chemistry by finding different solutions. Our technicians use pesticides just where they’ll be most effective and focus ~ above environmental changes that have the right to be make to manage pests.

These alternate methods include:

Pest & wildlife exclusionPhysical remove of pestsEliminating pest reproduction areasSanitation improvements

Implementation of incorporated pest monitoring treatments results in effective, environmentally responsible pest control and also the use of much less pesticides!

Free pest control & termite inspections in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Asheville/Hendersonville, Boone/Banner Elk, Lexington, Mt. Airy, Troutman/Statesville and throughout NC and also Virginia

Pests providing you trouble? gain a cost-free inspection! contact the preventative pest control experts at McNeely.

We carry out both residential and also commercial pest control services in Charlotte, Asheville/Hendersonville, Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, Wilkesboro, Boone, Mocksville, Statesville, Burlington, Mt. Airy, Thomasville and the neighboring areas. McNeely pest Control also services a number of homes and businesses along the Blue Ridge Parkway native Sparta, NC increase to fancy Gap, VA.

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We also administer pest manage training because that corporate meetings and also educational purposes. Learn more about ours educational pest seminars.