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Kim released a book full of selfies, title "Selfish," in 2015. Jason Merritt/Getty photos

Kim uttered this now-infamous quote once Wendy Williams asked if she had any type of tattoosback in 2009 — sitting right next to her sisters Khloe Kardashian, who has actually multiple.

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"But you would certainly on a Ferrari. "Cause Khloe"s a Ferrari," she ongoing sheepishly.


Kim accepted the inaugural "Influencer" award from the board of directors of Fashion developers of America in 2018. Getty photos

Kim showed off she keen sense of humor as soon as she jokedthat she was surprised come be given a reputation fashion award.

"I offered to be so dependent on the men I was in a partnership with. I don't understand why, due to the fact that I wasn't raised that way. If ns looked at myself in ~ 19, I would shake myself and also be like, 'Wake up. You are way too clever for this.'"


Kim has described herself and her husband together "opposites." Jacopo Raule/Getty pictures For Balmain

Kim has actually been married twice before: a shotgun wedding at 20 years old with music producer Damon Thomas and an infamous 72-day marital relationship to NBA star Kris Humphries.

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"Daddy is a singer, performer, artiste. Mommy has so countless talents ns can't even start to name them."


Kim through her youngsters North, Chicago, and Saint (left come right) in brand-new York City. Gotham/GC images

Kim had actually the best solution to she daughter phibìc asking, "Why are there too many of civilization every day taking images of us?"

"You developed me as much as be this sexy person and also confidence and also all this ingredient — and just since you're on a journey and also you're on your transformation, doesn't typical I'm in the exact same spot with you."

Kanye had worries with Kim's 2019 Met Gala look. E!

After eight month of ready for the Met Gala, Kim"s husband almost derailed her custom-made outfit the day prior to the event.

"You space my wife, and it affects me when pictures are also sexy," Kanye West called her.

But Kim wasn"t having actually it — and the internet was thrilled through her response.

—GHANA"S finest (

"Kowabunga dudettes. I'm for this reason pumped to be on this surfing kick. Who else surfs out there? Gnarly day in the h2o. Ridin waves!"

Kim has actually never defined this bizarre however delightful quote. Christopher Polk/Getty pictures

In 2010, Kim blessed us v this perfect tweet.

—Kim Kardashian West (

"There's a the majority of baggage that comes with us, yet it's like Louis Vuitton baggage; you constantly want it."

Kris Jenner, kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and also Kim are some of the world's many recognizable women. Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty images

Kim made this astute observation, which continues to it is in true, throughout the first-ever illustration of "KUWTK."

"I am just at a allude in my life whereby I don't desire to be naive anymore. And I want to use my platform to obtain other human being involved."

Kim has also been an outspoken supporter of total control and Black resides Matter. E!

Kim has actually grown much more interested in society justice end the years. Ona season 14 episode of "Keeping Up through the Kardashians," she to be visibly shaken when she discovered the extent of Los Angeles" homelessness crisis. She and also Khloe Kardashianenlisted experts, includingUnion Rescue Mission CEO Andy Bales, to educate her on the issue.

"The homeless problem is a full epidemic," Kim said, "and ns don"t recognize what the answer is come get people off the streets — yet I"m so ready to help in any means that i can."

Kim later on said that, according to the reality show"s producers,the episode inspired over $1 million worth of donationstotheAlexandria House, a shelter for ladies and solitary mothers in LA.

"It's my call over someone's life? sweet that out. People talk s--- around me every day long. It will simply be one more story around me versus someone obtaining their life back."

Kim and Alice Johnson top top the "Today" show, after Johnson was released indigenous prison. Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo financial institution via Getty photos

Kim has recently focused her efforts on jail reform and is also apprenticing in ~ a mountain Francisco regulation office in really hopes of acquisition the bar in 2022.

Her an initial mission to be to lobby for the relax of Alice Marie Johnson, a 63-year-old grandmother serving a life sentence in jail for nonviolent drug offenses.The reality star visited the White residence to plead her case, and also President trump card commuted Johnson"s sentence shortly after.

Kim said Vogue the she was warned around meeting with the president, whose plans she open minded opposes. She alsogot backlash adhering to the meeting.

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"I made a decision to walk to the White home when everyone was informing me, "Don"t go, your career will be over; you can"t action foot in there,"" she said. However she didn"t care.

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