The lover daytime organize tells that President Donald trump won't be showing up on her talk show anytime soon.

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Thursday was every fun and also games in between"s Matt Lauer and also Ellen DeGeneres as we laughed together with the latest entry in their ongoing prank war.

But on Friday, Matt turned the tables ~ above the beloved, multiple-Emmy-winning talk display host and comedian and asked an ext serious concerns — like how she feels about fellow entertainment industry veteran (and present President of the unified States) Donald Trump.


And Ellen did not host back, saying she would not desire him to which "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Why? "Because I"m no gonna adjust his mind," she said. "He"s versus everything that ns stand for."

Ellen come out as gay twenty years ago, and also is active in social reasons including UNICEF, breast cancer and PETA (and received a People"s an option Award in 2016 for she humanitarian work).

"We have to look at someone else that looks various than us, and also believes in miscellaneous that we don"t think in and still accept them and also still allow them have actually their rights," she added.

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Ellen looked ago on she interactions with President Trump from his "Celebrity Apprentice" days, and recalled exactly how in the early years of she talk present "We went out there and we filmed something through him," she said. "I flew in his helicopter and also did a bit with him. And so i knew that then."

But, she added, "I have not talked to him because he"s operation for president, or end up being president."

On Ellen"s present earlier this week, Matt additionally spoke about Trump together someone the knew with his year in the to chat industry, and also Ellen inquiry him exactly how he felt about the president"s so-called "war ~ above the media."

"I think it"s something that he walk out and he claims in former of a crowd of supporters and also it gets a great reaction," stated Matt. "He doesn"t hate the media. As a matter of fact, he"s who who has actually loved the media an ext than most people."

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"I think he no the media that"s walking to attack him," detailed Ellen.

"You can"t have it both ways," said Matt. "You can"t just have actually a media that you only want come say the things you desire it come say. Ns think it"s walk to die down, ns really do."