Well, there is tiny doubt the the Matricom G-Box Q3 Quad/Octo main point XBMC/Kodi Android TV box is ranked amongst the many in-demand Android TV boxes in the market.

Matricom G-Box Q’s popularity has skyrocketed in the previous two years. Girlfriend only have to look in ~ Matricom main Facebook web page (currently the has around 27,000 fans) to referee the quantity of interest that the public has displayed in the company’s product.

Matricom has likewise received a same share that media attention through currencies such as social shares, comments, and retweets.

However, one needs to wonder if Matricom G-Box Q3 is actually a good device or is simply a mediocre piece of devices which has actually a an excellent marketing team on its back. Well, in this review we’ll go with each and also every aspect of Matricom G-Box Q in order to recognize if every the exaggeration is justified.

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We’re going to begin off through a story (because every marketers offer stories) around Matricom G-Box Q’s history.

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What can We find out From Matricom G-Box Q’s History

The latest variation of Matricom set-top box is the Matricom G-Box Q3 and boy, does it enhance on its ahead iteration or what.

The company is aiming to become the new generation’s can be fried streaming G-Box.

And even though the streaming media sector is quite much overcame by some big-name players, Matricom is not afraid to speak big.

Of course, the still does not adjust the fact that it has actually to complete with the likes of,

The developer that the Android operating system, Google.AmazonRokuApple

However, it seems that Matricom does no think the the case in the same way.

In various other words, the company boldly claims that it desires to come to be the future that the Android industry.

The company also assures readers that the latest product that they have actually come out attributes such as running the latest version of the Android software.

Not only that, Matricom says that its devices have the benefit of making usage of the best Android software program in the world in addition to the best hardware that is accessible in the sector today.

The real question is whether or no Matricom can come nearby to moving what it cases it can and does deliver.

Some like the combination of Matricom G-Box Q3 together with the Logitech K400 add to Keyboard and also G-Pad.

They consider it a acquisition worth it for human being who desire to endure a brand-new set the peripherals for your gaming needs.

We’ll try and stick to the Matricom G-Box Q3 alone in this review.

Apart from that, we will also talk a little bit around the gaming performance that this an equipment can deliver to users.

This review should provide enough details to the reader to really understand if Matricom G-box Q3 is yes, really as great as the agency claims it come be.

So to start thing off, let’s an initial check the end what Matricom G-Box Q3 needs to offer to users.


Matricom G-Box Q3 complete review – Is the a great solution for Android TV?

If one carefully looks in ~ the Matricom G-Box Q3, it turns out that (from a basic standpoint) Matricom G-Box Q3 is simply a mini computer.

It has similar features and pretty much supports all the things that one would require in bespeak to affix to the device.

Our research shows that Matricom G-Box Q3 comes with,

BluetoothWiFi2 USB ports16GB internet storageEthernet port2GB the RAMAn optional SD card slot i beg your pardon is significantly rare these days.

Once the purchaser opens up up the box and also takes a look in ~ its content, over there is a an easy Matricom remote manage there.

Our research mirrors that the remote control has enough around it to efficiently get the task done.

However, the ‘job’ below only means that it can aid out with continuous navigation.

That is the factor why a most users choose to do their navigating stuff with the assist of a mini keyboard.

Of course, if users do not setup on law something too complex or also text-heavy, then the far is more than sufficient to no cause any type of issues.

With Matricom G-Box Q3, users have the choice of quickly linking their key-board with the an equipment via Bluetooth and/or USB.

After that, customers can exploit the key-board or other input tools with all the Android applications the they have actually a familiarity through on their internet-enabled smart devices.


We room of the opinion that the primary advantage of the main Matricom G-Box Q3 is the it comes v decent incorporated storage, USB ports, and also an SD card slot.

Some of our readers could not know this however these features have become increasingly rarely in streaming devices.

There space still world here top top this earth that have a ton of content on your USB sticks just lying around.

More specifically, plenty of of us have a most videos and also photos saved on our USB devices.

So, a feature that enables the user to soon view and also consume files and also other ingredient without an initial having to rotate on a power-hungry computer an equipment is yes, really cool.

Matricom G-Box Q3 deserve to do that many thanks to all the connections and features it provides to users.

As because that the Matricom G-Box Q3 physical box itself, that is relatively light.

It comes in complete black color and also has a sleek and also attractive design.

The new Matricom G-Box Q3 night comes tithe obligatory polished and also black finish throughout the top section of the box.

Users should have no troubles in seeing the clear and reasonably-size legger G on peak of the box which the agency has carved into the box.

There is additionally a creamy white great slightly listed below the letter G.

The as whole fit and finish look at great.

And package does no have any type of noticeable and/or misaligned defects or seams.

One other amazing design selection is that the box does not have actually anything top top its front and left side.

They space clean.

With no harbor or anything.

However, top top the ride next of the box, individuals should complete a complete and also full-size micro SD card slot.

Our research mirrors that Matricom G-Box Q3 is compatible with SDHC storage cards.

It have the right to support as much as 32 GB worth of space on a storage card.

The box likewise comes with ports top top the back side the the box.

The Matricom G-Box Q3 sporting activities a 10/100 Ethernet jack.

There is also an optical audio output at the back.

Add to the the truth that the box likewise has 2 USB 2.0 ports at the back.


If that wasn’t sufficient already, climate Matricom G-Box Q3 likewise has one HDMI 2.0 port.

With this port, Matricom G-Box Q3 profit the capacity to assistance 4K video and HDR.

So wherein does the Matricom G-Box Q3 acquire its strength from?

It gets its power from AMlogic S-905-x SoC (system on chip).

This is the very same component that a most other Android set-top crate make use of.

Not only that, this chip is also something that a lot of smart gadgets use.

The new AMlogic S-905-x is actually based upon the eight Cortex A53 64-bit 4-core main processor.

Add to that the fact that Matricom G-Box Q3 also comes with a Penta core Mali 450 GPU (graphics handling unit).

It is precisely this S905x processor which permits Matricom G-Box Q3 to assistance 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) output at 60 frames every second.

Not just that, the processor also permits this Android set-top box to assistance HDR 10 high-dynamic variety output.

With that the end of the way, let’s rotate our attention to the audio feature.

The Matricom G-Box Q3 design supports the common Dolby digital surround sound and DTS format.

As discussed before, the Matricom G-Box Q3 comes with a remote as well.

That remote functions on the infrared technology.

Overall, the box and also the remote attribute a relatively simple layout which looks nice much comparable to any other traditional Android set-top box.

The remote control comes through a power switch right in ~ the top and also below that is the directional control ring.

Users should have no difficulties in utilizing the far control’s right, left, down and up buttons.

Additionally, over there is also an OK button which appears right in the middle of the directional regulate ring.

Moving listed below that, and there are two rows that buttons.

All that these allow users to have accessibility to different menus.

One of them allows users to return to the Matricom G-Box Q3 residence screen.

The various other one take away the user ago just one display screen at a time.

Refer come the images throughout this review in order come see just how the Matricom G-Box Q3 arranges that is volume manage buttons together with other buttons ~ above the remote.


What around the optional G-Pad controller?

Let’s talk about that a tiny bit.

Our study in this area reflects that gadgets such together the G-Pad controller the comes v Matricom G-Box Q3 is actually among the ideal solutions for non-hardcore gamers if they desire to fulfill their gaming requirement while they simply chill out on the adjacent couch.

With the assist of G-Pad controller and the Matricom G-Box Q3 users have actually the opportunity to pat various popular emulated video clip games ~ above their computer and/or Android smartphone.

The G-Pad controller even comes v a attribute where users can hook the controller as much as their PS3 video game console.

Of course, over there is constantly the option of to buy the new Matricom G-Box Q3 and then linking that through the brand-new universal gamepad controller in order come play all of one’s favorite and also preferably complimentary Android video clip games.

Our research mirrors that this is actually really useful in unlocking the true potential of Android Nougat 7.1 if the user is remotely interested in gaming on Matricom G-Box Q3.

We have currently mentioned the reality that the G-Pad controller has the capability to hook up with the PlayStation.


Following from that, probably we should additionally mention the the G-Pad controllers look pretty much like the controller the comes with the game stations controller in terms of its layout and design.

Moreover, the G-Pad comes with two joysticks which room arranged in a similar means to the main XBOX ONE controller.

In fact, our research reflects that the controller’s charging micro USB port also takes the same position on the controller together it walk on the PS3/PS4 controllers.

The other thing we an especially liked around the howl parcel is that Matricom ships the micro USB cable in addition to its G-Pad controller so the users space able to conveniently charge their controller’s built-in battery.

Not just that, the official cable likewise charges the G-pad controller with much more efficiently.

Our research mirrors that charging the G-Pad controller should not take it the user much more than 2.5 hrs from 1 or 2 percent to 99 or 100 percent.

The G-Pad controller has a plastic and also rubberized surface.

Users need to feel nice touching the gaming pad.

The other benefit of making use of this material is the it enables gamers to continue gaming even after several hours of use and also not feel a thing.

More special, the controller is comfortable enough to not bother users due to the fact that they may have actually used it as well much.

The G-Pad controller is able to attain that outcome based upon its sweat-resistant coating.

It is existing all end the controller.

As far as the thumbsticks room concerned, these space designed to have sufficient (and/or adequate ) surface ar area depending upon how one looks in ~ it, to fit the thumbs of many users.

In other words, they are reasonably comfortable to use and move about especially once one has actually busied himself/herself v playing first-person shooter video games.

The official G-Pad controller also features a complete of 4 LED indicators.

These LED indicators, moving from left to right, provide reference come (in order),


All of these are various modes.

Apart indigenous that, the main G-Pad controller additionally comes with a feature which acts together a reset pinhole.

It is situated at the backside of the controller.


But that is simply a controller and also not a computer maker so why would anyone need to reset a controller?

Well, ours research shows that Matricom has placed it there so the users are able to recoup their G-Pad controller conveniently in a case where it all of sudden becomes for sure unresponsive.

The other thing that one has actually to point out here is that the G-Pad controller provides it very easy for the user to attach and collection up.

There is yes, really no should plow litter a long procedure of finding and also installing every the motorists for various various games ~ above the home windows 10 operating system.

Readers have to note right here that this reality only way they would certainly not have to download and also install any type of Motionjoy drivers.

Of course, any brand-new video game would require the latest display drivers ~ above the windows platform.

Our research additionally shows the the G-Pad controller indigenous Matricom also works fairly decently through a given PSX emulator.

It works with Retro Pie and also works through Emulation Station.

The Retro Pie actually uses a couple of different emulators which a user have the right to install such as the Atari 800 and the Amiga UAE-4AII.

Readers must also take keep in mind that as soon as they manipulate other emulators, they would an initial have to execute a bit of construction as much as the buttons the the given machine are concerned.

It is one more fact the the procedure of pairing the new G-Pad has actually become fairly easy.

All that the user has to do is to combine the brand-new G-Pad controller to his/her Matricom G-Box Q3 Android set-top box.

After that, the user is free to perform the same with his/her smartphone machine as well.

More specifically though, the user has to simultaneously press the offered M button (the house button) till a distinct red LED starts to blink.

When that has actually happened in the correct manner, words Gamepad should show up on the user’s smartphone machine in the food selection for available Bluetooth devices.


The user should then click on the new option in that menu and that is pretty much it.

Once the user clicks the ideal option, the G-Pad controller would start to pair with the smartphone device.

Users who want to attach their G-Pad controller through their Windows an equipment and/or Ps3 will need to do a pair of steps before forming the link.

Firstly, they would need to transition the devices’ particular modes.

That can be easily done by pressing the M and also X buttons

Once done, the should adjust the maker to use a various Android mode.

Users who room utilizing the Windows pc and/or PS3 console to connect the G-Pad controller would an initial have to exploit a USB cable top top the G-Pad controller in bespeak to attach to the device so that the an equipment starts come work.

This is where we must talk around another an extremely useful attribute that the G-Pad controller supplies to users.

That feature is the Bluetooth pairing feature.

Allow us to explain.

When the user associate the G-Pad controller to his/her Android smartphone device, he/she has actually the choice of pairing his/her Bluetooth headphones pretty much at the very same time.

To a many of world that would certainly sound yes, really cool.

Moreover, the brand-new G-Pad controller come with an additional feature or rather a mode.

The third mode is what the company likes to call the mouse Emulation mode.

Users can quickly activate this mode by pushing the M and also A switch together.

The mouse Emulation mode, as the name suggests, permits users to manipulate the G-Pad controller as if it to be a computer mouse pointer which every one of us usage on our computer system machines.

With the help of the mouse Emulation mode, individuals will have the possibility to go either come the appropriate or the left and/or even perform a double-click.

In fact, the mouse Emulation also provides the password for the user to role right across the provided screen and zoom in/out together well.

Our research mirrors that the G-Pad controller supplies users miscellaneous that individuals would prefer so much and it would not be hard for them to view it together a legitimate different to the all-powerful Amazon Fire Stick.

The G-Pad controller has no problem in acting together an expensive choice for customers to manage their 2nd Generation Amazon Fire TV 4K resolution.

What around the Logitech K400 Plus with Matricom G-Box Q3?

As mentioned before, some Matricom G-Box Q3 prefer to exploit a keyboard with this Android set-top box due to the fact that they want to have more options when it comes to navigation.

In the respect, the Logitech K400 plus is actually a great choice since its architecture indicates that it is meant for individuals who want easy and also fluid media interaction.

That is the only means some users have the right to relax and also kick back.

With the help of Logitech K400 Plus, users deserve to simply regulate their Matricom G-Box Q3 from the lull of their couch.


Most that all, they carry out not need to worry about dealing with all the hassle and also clutter that comes with having actually to download a different keyboard and also mouse.

Furthermore, users deserve to take your streaming experience and productivity come the next level by effectively connecting the Logitech K400 Plus v Matricom G-Box Q3.

In fact, ours research reflects that users deserve to even connect the wireless (and new) Logitech K400 Plus through their brand-new Matricom G-Box Q3 to in reality seamlessly eliminate and/or add applications.

Users can also send emails to your contacts and also browse the wider world of the internet.

Considering how good both of these two gadgets work on their own, that is no wonder that part feel that the Matricom G-Box Q3 and also the Logitech K400 add to actually match each various other perfectly.

More especially though, individuals can exploit their Logitech key-board that comes with an incorporated trackpad to go even further in customizing their Matricom G-Box Q3 suffer with Android.

And they have the right to do therefore much much more freely.

With every one of that the end of the way, let’s lastly talk around the specifications.

Matricom G-Box Q3 Specs


HDMI CablePower supplyBluetooth far control


Optical Audio outputUSB 2.0 x 2MMC/SDHC/SDHDMI 2.0


10/100 full Duplex


0 low power, full duplex


Qualcomm 5G802, 11 Dual-Band

Operating System

The full version of Android Nougat 7.1


External journey supportFlash drive of 16GB capacity


DDR3 lamb 2GB


Penta-core 750 MHz Mali-450


Amlogic S905x Quad main point running at 1.5 GHz


5 x 12.4 x 2.1 cm

What about Matricom G-Box Q3 updates?

Our research shows that the new Matricom G-Box Q3 offers support via OTA updates.

There is no need to conflict the fact why the is great.


Generally speaking, individuals of the Android platform have to update their Android TB by an initial loading the newest variation of your firmware top top a micro SD card and/or a USB stick and then relocate forward by manually flashing their machine with the recent update.

There is nothing naturally wrong this process.

But the does consume a fair little of time.

And together we all know, time is the just finite resource in the universe.

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Or, on a much more practical level, over there is a high possibility that the user can brick his/her an equipment if he/she does not have actually prior experience of updating devices via manual methods.

With the aid of OTA updates, users can save a the majority of time by just performing a click the button for check updates.

Now, all contemporary smartphone gadgets support this attribute where if the user clicks top top the button for updates and also there are some updates available for the device, climate the device would comply and also update itself.

The instance is comparable with Matricom G-Box Q3 where customers only have to hit the download button and the device would take care of the whole process of update installation.

Network performance

Our research reflects that the best means to acquire the many performance out of Matricom G-Box Q3 is to connect it to one’s house network or any kind of other network via a an excellent Ethernet cable quite than attach it via WiFi.

An internet connection speed that is equal to 100 MB fiber is more than sufficient for customers to stream contents without any buffering issues.

Our research reflects that as far as network power is concerned, the Matricom G-Box Q3 offers users with stable speeds.

And through speeds, we typical both the upload and download speeds.

The truth that Matricom G-Box Q3 does no degrade any type of speed, users have actually a greater chance of suffering buffer-free streaming.

Our research additionally shows that if the user is running a 100 MB link then Matricom G-Box Q3 must stream at an agree 90 Mbps.

What around media playback?

As much as media playback activities are concerned, our research shows that the ideal apps for media playback on Matricom G-Box Q3 are Kodi and also Plex.

These room the apps that a lot of online consumers have actually started come use.

Users are free to pick any kind of one the the two yet it is always beneficial to have two different media players on a solitary streaming device.

Matricom G-Box Q3 owners deserve to download Plex and also Kodi from the main Google play Store website for a sweet sweet price the nothing.

That is, free.

Our research also shows that users need to not experience any kind of trouble in launching the official Plex and also Kodi apps.

The process should walk smoothly.

In fact, we even think that with a device like Matricom G-Box Q3, individuals are less likely come experience issues such as stuttering and/or lag.

Users will uncover that the process of actually navigating roughly the given app is as smooth an endure as any type of other Android set-top boxes is likely to sell them.

In other words, users need to expect great media playback with Matricom G-Box Q3.

Because that its hardware and software, Matricom G-Box Q3 doesn’t obtain into trouble while trying to playback 720p media.

It have the right to stream 1080p as well as 4k video clip content.

Again, us don’t think the bulk of online users would challenge buffering issues or those annoying tiny unsupported paper errors.


After lot research ~ above Android set-top boxes, we deserve to confidently make a reference that Matricom G-Box Q3 is a lot far better than countless of its competitors in the industry today.

For progressed Android users, this set-top box is a no-brainer together well.

We have already mentioned the truth that the Matricom G-Box Q3 is pretty much like a mini computer.

Users have actually the option of making use of Matricom G-Box Q3 because that a lot much more than simply streaming and watching movies.

It is likewise true that users can even turn this Android set-top box right into a mildly powerful gaming machine.

Of course, they will have to rely ~ above Bluetooth to attach the controller.

At the moment of creating this review, Google play Store readily available thousands top top thousands of games that actually offer complete support because that gaming controllers and also keyboards.

That is an additional reason why we think Matricom G-Box Q3 is worth checking out as a an easy upgrade native one’s present streaming stick whatever or whichever that might be.

All the the options are accessible for the user to take a look at and also make the call.

So to finally answer the inquiry of whether purchasing Matricom G-Box Q3 in addition to Logitech K400 Plus and also G-Pad controller is worth it or not, is the it is absolutely worth it.

Anyone would certainly recommend Matricom G-Box Q3 over every set-top box other than Google’s, Apple’s, Amazon’s and also probably Roku’s as well.

Of course, if we think about the gaming suffer that Matricom uses to users, then it may move up also higher.

So where execute I purchase Matricom G-Box Q3?

There are lots of places for customers to purchase and also have a Matricom G-Box Q3 of your own.

Remember, over there are additionally those G-Pad controllers and also Logitech K400 add to that users can attach with Matricom G-Box Q3 to additional enhance their virtual content intake experience.

Users who want to purchase all of these items need to go come the main website here.

For users who only want to purchase the straightforward Matricom G-Box Q3 for simply $99, we have actually a link here.

Users can also make the decision of obtaining the bundle i m sorry the company calls the Gaming BUndle i beg your pardon comes v a traditional Matricom G-Box Q3 in addition to a G-Pad controller by clicking here.

Apart native that, there is likewise the productivity Bundle which provides users a Logitech K400 plus keyboard together with the typical Matricom G-Box Q3.

Go right here to purchase these items.

Users who are just interested in purchase the G-Pad Controller indigenous Matricom, they need to go to this page.