Well, there is bit doubt that the Matricom G-Box Q3 Quad/Octo Core XBMC/Kodi Android TV Box is ranked among the many in-demand Android TV boxes in the industry.

Matricom G-Box Q’s popularity has actually skyrocketed in the previous two years. You just have to look at Matricom main Facebook web page (currently it has actually around 27,000 fans) to judge the amount of interest that the public has presented in the company’s product.

Matricom has likewise got a fair share of media attention through currencies such as social shares, comments, and also retweets.

However, one hregarding wonder if Matricom G-Box Q3 is actually an excellent gadget or is simply a mediocre piece of equipment which has an excellent marketing team on its ago. Well, in this evaluation we’ll go via each and eexceptionally facet of Matricom G-Box Q in order to identify if all the hype is justified.

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We’re going to begin off with a story (because all marketers offer stories) around Matricom G-Box Q’s history.

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What Can We Learn From Matricom G-Box Q’s History

The latest variation of Matricom set-peak box is the Matricom G-Box Q3 and also boy, does it boost on its previous iteration or what.

The agency is aiming to end up being the new generation’s ultimate streaming G-Box.

And even though the streaming media sector is pretty much overcame by some big-name players, Matricom is not afrhelp to talk huge.

Of course, that still does not adjust the truth that it has to contend via the likes of,

The developer of the Android operating mechanism, Google.AmazonRokuApple

However before, it appears that Matricom does not think of the instance in the same way.

In other words, the company boldly claims that it desires to become the future of the Android market.

The agency additionally assures readers that the latest product that they have actually come out functions such as running the latest version of the Android software application.

Not just that, Matricom claims that its tools have actually the advantage of making use of the biggest Android software application in the world together with the greatest hardware that is accessible in the sector this particular day.

The actual question is whether or not Matricom have the right to come close to transferring what it clintends it deserve to and does provide.

Some prefer the combicountry of Matricom G-Box Q3 together with the Logitechnology K400 Plus Keyboard and G-Pad.

They take into consideration it a purchase worth it for people who desire to experience a brand-new collection of peripherals for their gaming needs.

We’ll attempt and stick to the Matricom G-Box Q3 alone in this review.

Acomponent from that, we will also talk a small little around the gaming performance that this tool can deliver to individuals.

This review must carry out sufficient indevelopment to the reader to really recognize if Matricom G-box Q3 is really as great as the agency claims it to be.

So to begin point off, let’s first examine out what Matricom G-Box Q3 hregarding sell to individuals.


Matricom G-Box Q3 full testimonial – Is it a good solution for Android TV?

If one carefully looks at the Matricom G-Box Q3, it turns out that (from a basic standpoint) Matricom G-Box Q3 is just a mini computer.

It has actually comparable features and also pretty a lot supports all the points that one would require in order to affix to the tool.

Our study mirrors that Matricom G-Box Q3 comes through,

BluetoothWiFi2 USB ports16GB internet storageEthernet port2GB of RAMAn optional SD card slot which is progressively rare these days.

Once the purchaser opens up package and takes a look at its content, tbelow is a straightforward Matricom remote control tbelow.

Our study shows that the remote control has enough about it to efficiently get the task done.

However before, the ‘job’ right here just indicates that it deserve to help out through continual navigation.

That is the reason why a lot of customers choose to do their navigation stuff through the assist of a mini key-board.

Of course, if users do not setup on doing somepoint also facility or too text-hefty, then the remote is even more than enough to not reason any concerns.

With Matricom G-Box Q3, users have the alternative of easily linking their key-board via the gadget through Bluetooth and/or USB.

After that, individuals deserve to make use of the keyboard or various other input gadgets with all the Android applications that they have a familiarity via on their internet-enabled smart devices.


We are of the opinion that the main advantage of the main Matricom G-Box Q3 is that it comes through decent incorporated storage, USB ports, and also an SD card slot.

Several of our readers could not know this yet these features have actually end up being significantly rare in streaming tools.

Tright here are still civilization right here on this earth that have actually a ton of content on their USB sticks just lying roughly.

More specifically, many type of of us have most videos and photos conserved on our USB tools.

So, a feature that allows the user to instantly view and consume documents and other stuff without initially having to revolve on a power-hungry computer system machine is really cool.

Matricom G-Box Q3 can carry out that many thanks to all the relationships and also functions it offers to customers.

As for the Matricom G-Box Q3 physical box itself, it is fairly light.

It comes in complete black shade and has a sleek and also attractive architecture.

The new Matricom G-Box Q3 eve comes tithe obligatory polimelted and also black complete across the top percentage of package.

Users have to have no troubles in seeing the clear and also reasonably-dimension legger G on optimal of package which the agency has carved right into package.

Tright here is likewise a creamy white layer slightly listed below the letter G.

The all at once fit and also complete look great.

And package does not have actually any noticeable and/or misaligned defects or seams.

One other amazing design alternative is that the box does not have actually anypoint on its front and left side.

They are clean.

With no ports or anypoint.

However before, on the ride side of the box, customers should full a finish and also full-dimension micro SD card slot.

Our research study mirrors that Matricom G-Box Q3 is compatible via SDHC memory cards.

It have the right to assistance up to 32 GB worth of room on a memory card.

The box also comes via ports on the back side of package.

The Matricom G-Box Q3 sporting activities a 10/100 Ethernet jack.

There is also an optical audio output at the earlier.

Add to that the fact that package also has two USB 2.0 ports at the back.


If that wasn’t sufficient already, then Matricom G-Box Q3 additionally has actually an HDMI 2.0 port.

With this port, Matricom G-Box Q3 gains the capability to assistance 4K video and also HDR.

So where does the Matricom G-Box Q3 gain its power from?

It gets its power from AMlogic S-905-x SoC (mechanism on chip).

This is the same component that a lot of various other Android set-top boxes exploit.

Not just that, this chip is also something that many smart tools use.

The brand-new AMlogic S-905-x is actually based upon the ARM Cortex A53 64-little bit 4-core main processor.

Add to that the fact that Matricom G-Box Q3 also comes via a Penta core Mali 450 GPU (graphics processing unit).

It is precisely this S905x processor which permits Matricom G-Box Q3 to assistance 4K UHD (Ultra High Definition) output at 60 frames per second.

Not only that, the processor additionally enables this Android set-optimal box to assistance HDR 10 high-dynamic variety output.

With that out of the means, let’s turn our attention to the audio function.

The Matricom G-Box Q3 model supports the widespread Dolby digital surround sound and DTS format.

As stated before, the Matricom G-Box Q3 comes through a remote too.

That remote works on the infrared innovation.

Overall, the box and the remote attribute a reasonably straightforward layout which looks pretty much equivalent to any various other typical Android set-peak box.

The remote regulate comes through a power button best at the top and below that is the directional regulate ring.

Users should have no difficulties in utilizing the remote control’s best, left, down and up butloads.

Additionally, tright here is also an OK button which appears best in the middle of the directional manage ring.

Moving below that, and also tright here are two rows of butlots.

All of these permit customers to have accessibility to different menus.

One of them permits customers to return to the Matricom G-Box Q3 house screen.

The other one takes the user ago simply one display screen at a time.

Refer to the images throughout this review in order to check out how the Matricom G-Box Q3 ararrays its volume control buttons together with various other butloads on the remote.


What around the optional G-Pad controller?

Let’s talk about that a small little bit.

Our research in this location reflects that gadgets such as the G-Pad controller that comes through Matricom G-Box Q3 is actually among the best services for non-hardcore gamers if they desire to meet their gaming requirement while they simply chill out on the adjacent couch.

With the help of G-Pad controller and the Matricom G-Box Q3 customers have actually the possibility to play miscellaneous famous emulated video games on their PC and/or Android smartphone.

The G-Pad controller even comes through a function where individuals can hook the controller up to their PS3 video game consingle.

Of course, there is always the alternative of purchasing the brand-new Matricom G-Box Q3 and also then linking that through the brand-new universal gamepad controller in order to play all of one’s favorite and also preferably totally free Android video games.

Our research reflects that this is actually exceptionally advantageous in unlocking the true potential of Android Nougat 7.1 if the user is remotely interested in gaming on Matricom G-Box Q3.

We have currently stated the reality that the G-Pad controller has actually the capacity to hook up with the PlayStation.


Following from that, probably we need to likewise cite that the G-Pad controllers look pretty much choose the controller that comes via the PlayStation controller in terms of its layout and also design.

In addition, the G-Pad comes through 2 joysticks which are arranged in a comparable means to the main XBOX ONE controller.

In truth, our research study shows that the controller’s charging micro USB port also takes the exact same place on the controller as it does on the PS3/PS4 controllers.

The other point we especially liked about the howl package is that Matricom ships the micro USB cable along with its G-Pad controller so that individuals are able to quickly charge their controller’s integrated battery.

Not only that, the main cable additionally charges the G-pad controller via more efficiently.

Our research reflects that charging the G-Pad controller should not take the user more than 2.5 hrs from 1 or 2 percent to 99 or 100 percent.

The G-Pad controller has a plastic and also rubberized surface.

Users should feel nice emotional the gaming pad.

The various other benefit of using this material is that it permits gamers to proceed gaming even after numerous hrs of usage and not feel a thing.

More specifically, the controller is comfortable enough to not bvarious other individuals bereason they may have supplied it as well a lot.

The G-Pad controller is able to achieve that outcome based on its sweat-resistant coating.

It is present anywhere the controller.

As far as the thumbsticks are involved, these are designed to have enough (and/or adequate ) surface location depending upon exactly how one looks at it, to fit the thumbs of many individuals.

In other words, they are fairly comfortable to usage and move around specifically when one has busied himself/herself with playing first-perboy shooter video games.

The official G-Pad controller also features a total of four LED indications.

These LED indications, relocating from left to appropriate, carry out referral to (in order),


All of these are various modes.

Acomponent from that, the official G-Pad controller additionally comes with a function which acts as a recollection pinhole.

It is located at the backside of the controller.


But it is just a controller and also not a computer machine so why would anyone should reset a controller?

Well, our study shows that Matricom has actually inserted it there so that customers are able to recover their G-Pad controller easily in a situation where it suddenly becomes absolutely unresponsive.

The other thing that one hregarding point out right here is that the G-Pad controller renders it extremely straightforward for the user to connect and also set up.

There is really no should plow throw a long procedure of finding and installing all the drivers for various various games on the Windows 10 operating device.

Readers must note here that this fact just implies they would not have to downfill and also install any type of Motionjoy chauffeurs.

Of course, any kind of brand-new video game would certainly need the latest display screen motorists on the Windows platcreate.

Our research study additionally shows that the G-Pad controller from Matricom also works reasonably decently through a offered PSX emulator.

It works with Retro Pie and also functions with Emulation Station.

The Retro Pie actually uses a couple of various emulators which a user can install such as the Atari 800 and the Amiga UAE-4AII.

Readers need to additionally take note that when they exploit various other emulators, they would first need to do a little bit of configuration as much as the buttons of the provided gadget are came to.

It is an additional reality that the process of pairing the brand-new G-Pad has become fairly easy.

All that the user hregarding do is to integrate the new G-Pad controller to his/her Matricom G-Box Q3 Android set-height box.

After that, the user is totally free to execute the exact same through his/her smartphone gadget too.

More especially though, the user hregarding all at once push the given M button (the home button) till a special red LED starts to blink.

When that has taken place in the correct manner, the word Gamepad need to show up on the user’s smartphone tool in the food selection for obtainable Bluetooth gadgets.


The user have to then click on the brand-new alternative in that menu and that is pretty much it.

Once the user clicks the best choice, the G-Pad controller would certainly start to pair through the smartphone device.

Users who desire to attach their G-Pad controller through their Windows machine and/or Ps3 will certainly need to execute a couple of measures before forming the connect.

Firstly, they would certainly need to change the devices’ particular settings.

That have the right to be quickly done by pushing the M and X butloads

Once done, it should readjust the device to usage a various Android mode.

Users who are making use of the Windows COMPUTER and/or PS3 consingle to connect the G-Pad controller would first need to exploit a USB cable on the G-Pad controller in order to connect to the machine so that the tool starts to occupational.

This is wright here we have to talk about one more exceptionally helpful attribute that the G-Pad controller supplies to users.

That function is the Bluetooth pairing attribute.

Allow us to describe.

When the user connects the G-Pad controller to his/her Android smartphone gadget, he/she has the choice of pairing his/her Bluetooth headphones pretty much at the exact same time.

To a lot of world that would sound really cool.

Furthermore, the new G-Pad controller comes with one more feature or quite a mode.

The third mode is what the firm likes to contact the Mousage Emulation mode.

Users deserve to conveniently activate this mode by pushing the M and also A switch together.

The Mousage Emulation mode, as the name suggests, allows users to make use of the G-Pad controller as if it was a mouse pointer which all of us usage on our computer system equipments.

With the aid of the Mouse Emulation mode, users will have actually the opportunity to go either to the best or the left and/or even percreate a double-click.

In fact, the Mouse Emulation also gives the code for the user to scroll best throughout the provided display and also zoom in/out also.

Our research study shows that the G-Pad controller offers customers somepoint that customers would like so much and also it would not be tough for them to check out it as a legitimate different to the all-effective Amazon Fire Stick.

The G-Pad controller has no trouble in acting as an expensive option for individuals to control their Second Generation Amazon Fire TV 4K resolution.

What around the Logitechnology K400 Plus with Matricom G-Box Q3?

As discussed before, some Matricom G-Box Q3 favor to exploit a key-board through this Android set-top box because they want to have actually more alternatives when it concerns navigation.

In that respect, the Logitech K400 Plus is actually an excellent option since its design shows that it is expected for customers that want basic and also liquid media interactivity.

That is the only means some users can relax and kick earlier.

With the help of Logitechnology K400 Plus, users can sindicate manage their Matricom G-Box Q3 from the comfort of their couch.


Many of all, they perform not have to worry around managing all the hassle and clutter that comes via having to install a separate key-board and computer mouse.

Additionally, individuals have the right to take their streaming endure and efficiency to the following level by correctly connecting the Logitechnology K400 Plus through Matricom G-Box Q3.

In truth, our research study reflects that individuals can even connect the wiremuch less (and also new) Logitechnology K400 Plus through their brand-new Matricom G-Box Q3 to actually seamlessly rerelocate and/or add applications.

Users deserve to also sfinish emails to their contacts and browse the bigger human being of the internet.

Considering exactly how good both of these two devices work on their very own, it is no wonder that some feel that the Matricom G-Box Q3 and also the Logitechnology K400 Plus actually enhance each various other perfectly.

More particularly though, customers deserve to make use of their Logitech Keyboard that comes with an incorporated trackpad to go also further in customizing their Matricom G-Box Q3 endure via Android.

And they have the right to execute so a lot even more freely.

With all of that out of the way, let’s lastly talk about the specifications.

Matricom G-Box Q3 Specs


HDMI CablePower supplyBluetooth remote control


Optical Audio outputUSB 2.0 x 2MMC/SDHC/SDHDMI 2.0


10/100 full Duplex


0 low power, full duplex


Qualcomm 5G802, 11 Dual-Band

Operating System

The full version of Android Nougat 7.1


External drive supportFlash drive of 16GB capacity




Penta-core 750 MHz Mali-450


Amlogic S905x Quad Core running at 1.5 GHz


5 x 12.4 x 2.1 cm

What around Matricom G-Box Q3 updates?

Our study reflects that the brand-new Matricom G-Box Q3 offers support using OTA updates.

There is no should controversy the fact why that is excellent.


Generally speaking, customers of the Android platcreate need to upday their Android TB by initially loading the newest version of their firmware on a micro SD card and/or a USB stick and also then relocate forward by manually flashing their gadget through the latest upday.

Tright here is nopoint naturally wrong this process.

But it does consume a fair bit of time.

And as we all recognize, time is the just finite reresource in the world.

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Or, on an extra practical level, tbelow is a high opportunity that the user can brick his/her gadget if he/she does not have actually prior experience of updating gadgets by means of hands-on techniques.

With the aid of OTA updays, customers have the right to save most time by sindicate performing a click on the button for checking updays.

Now, all contemporary smartphone tools support this attribute wright here if the user clicks on the button for updays and tbelow are some updates available for the tool, then the gadget would certainly comply and also update itself.

The case is similar with Matricom G-Box Q3 wbelow customers only have to hit the download button and also the gadget would certainly take care of the entirety process of upday installation.

Network performance

Our research study mirrors that the finest method to obtain the most performance out of Matricom G-Box Q3 is to affix it to one’s home network-related or any kind of various other network via a great Ethernet cable fairly than attach it through WiFi.

An internet connection rate that is equal to 100 MB fiber is even more than enough for users to stream content without any type of buffering concerns.

Our research study reflects that as far as network performance is involved, the Matricom G-Box Q3 offers users with secure speeds.

And by speeds, we suppose both the upfill and also downfill speeds.

The fact that Matricom G-Box Q3 does not degrade any kind of rate, users have a greater possibility of suffering buffer-free streaming.

Our study additionally mirrors that if the user is running a 100 MB connection then Matricom G-Box Q3 must stream at an acceptable 90 Mbps.

What around media playback?

As far as media playago activities are involved, our study shows that the ideal apps for media playago on Matricom G-Box Q3 are Kodi and also Plex.

These are the apps that the majority of online consumers have started to usage.

Users are totally free to pick any among the 2 but it is always useful to have two various media players on a single streaming tool.

Matricom G-Box Q3 owners deserve to downfill Plex and also Kodi from the main Google Play Store website for a sweet sweet price of nopoint.

That is, complimentary.

Our research additionally reflects that users have to not endure any kind of trouble in launching the official Plex and Kodi apps.

The procedure should go smoothly.

In truth, we also think that with an equipment choose Matricom G-Box Q3, customers are much less most likely to endure issues such as stuttering and/or lag.

Users will certainly discover that the process of actually navigating roughly the offered app is as smooth an experience as any type of other Android set-top boxes is most likely to sell them.

In other words, customers have to expect good media playearlier via Matricom G-Box Q3.

Because of its hardware and software program, Matricom G-Box Q3 doesn’t gain into trouble while trying to playearlier 720p media.

It have the right to stream 1080p as well as 4k video content.

Aobtain, we don’t think the majority of online users would certainly confront buffering problems or those annoying little unsustained file errors.


After a lot study on Android set-optimal boxes, we deserve to confidently make a referral that Matricom G-Box Q3 is a lot much better than many kind of of its competitors in the industry today.

For advanced Android individuals, this set-height box is a no-brainer too.

We have already pointed out the truth that the Matricom G-Box Q3 is pretty much choose a mini computer system.

Users have actually the option of making use of Matricom G-Box Q3 for a lot more than just streaming and watching movies.

It is also true that individuals can also rotate this Android set-top box into a mildly powerful gaming machine.

Of course, they will certainly need to count on Bluetooth to connect the controller.

At the moment of writing this evaluation, Google Play Store available thousands upon thousands of games that actually sell full assistance for gaming controllers as well as keyboards.

That is another factor why we think Matricom G-Box Q3 is worth exploring as a straightforward upgrade from one’s present streaming stick whatever before or whichever that may be.

All of the options are accessible for the user to take a look at and make the contact.

So to ultimately answer the question of whether purchasing Matricom G-Box Q3 along with Logitech K400 Plus and G-Pad controller is worth it or not, is that it is absolutely worth it.

Anyone would recommend Matricom G-Box Q3 over eextremely set-top box other than Google’s, Apple’s, Amazon’s and also most likely Roku’s as well.

Of course, if we consider the gaming endure that Matricom provides to individuals, then it might relocate up even greater.

So wbelow carry out I buy Matricom G-Box Q3?

Tbelow are many areas for users to purchase and also have a Matricom G-Box Q3 of their own.

Remember, tright here are likewise those G-Pad controllers and Logitechnology K400 Plus that customers have the right to connect with Matricom G-Box Q3 to further enhance their virtual content consumption endure.

Users that want to purchase all of these items should go to the main website right here.

For individuals who just desire to purchase the basic Matricom G-Box Q3 for just $99, we have a connect right here.

Users can even make the decision of getting the bundle which the agency calls the Gaming BUndle which comes with a typical Matricom G-Box Q3 together with a G-Pad controller by clicking right here.

Acomponent from that, tbelow is likewise the Productivity Bundle which uses customers a Logitech K400 Plus keyboard along with the conventional Matricom G-Box Q3.

Go below to purchase these items.

Users who are just interested in purchasing the G-Pad Controller from Matricom, they must go to this web page.