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Married... With kids - episode 01 - We"ll monitor the Sun(Air date:September 23, 1990)Al bring away the Bundys ~ above a job Day drive, which concerns an immediate end when they acquire stuck in traffic.

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Married... With kids - illustration 02 -Al... V Kelly
(Air date: October 7, 1990)Al and Kelly fake acquiring sick in stimulate to get out of having to visit Peg"s mother. Through Peg gone, Al starts to fantasize about two blonde women that fight end him (one of them played by Pamela Anderson) — yet things gain sticky when Kelly really does come down through a cold and also needs her father to care for her.

Married... With children - illustration 03 -Sue Casa, His Casa
(Air date:October 7, 1990)After Al refuses to obtain insurance for his car, Bud and Kelly get in one accident through a male in a Mercedes. The Mercedes owner sues them for million dollars and also they respond to sues them because that a jillion dollars making use of fake injuries and also Marcy"s testimony.

Married... With children - episode 04 -The Unnatural
(Air date:October 14, 1990)Al is changed by a more professional softball player during the championship games. Once the brand-new player is injured, Al bring away over.

Married... With youngsters - episode 05 -The run Show
(Air date:October 21, 1990)Peg meets a handsome man at a dance club, while Al meets the handsome man"s husband (played by Simpsons voice actor Dan Castellaneta). Unknowing the the handsome man is homosexual, Peg flirts v him. His husband cooks a nice enjoy the meal for Al.
Married... With children - illustration 06 -Kelly Bounces Back(Air date:October 28, 1990)Kelly auditions as spokesmodel for the new Allanté with the "Bundy Bounce," however her idea is stolen by one of her rivals. Meanwhile, Peg refuses to carry out housework until Al realizes that he needs her.
Married... With youngsters - episode 07 -Married... With Aliens
(Air date:November 4, 1990)After a severe head injury, Al begins to check out aliens that steal his socks, i m sorry they must fuel their ships to stop a cosmic disaster. Al"s unwitting aid saves many worlds from destruction... Including Earth.
Married... With youngsters - illustration 08 -Wabbit Season
(Air date:November 11, 1990)After suffering a nervous malfunction at work, Al gets right into gardening to relieve his stress, but must address a hare stealing his carrots.
Married... With kids - illustration 09 -Do Ya Think I"m Sexy(Air date:November 18, 1990)Al becomes obsessed through his appearance ~ the neighborhood women begin admiring his handyman skills.
Married... With kids - episode 10 -One Down, 2 to Go
(Air date:November 25, 1990)In this episode Kelly moves the end after Al beats up yet an additional of her boyfriends.Kelly"s departure upsets Peggy and also turn her right into an overprotective freak mommy in i beg your pardon Bud has to suffer.
Married... With youngsters - episode 11 -And Baby makes Money
(Air date:December 16, 1990)Following the fatality of Stymie Bundy, Al and Peg start having sex therefore they have the right to be the very first to inherit Stymie"s money through bearing a Bundy boy born in wedlock. But Peg has actually other plans.
Married... With youngsters - episode 12 -Married... With Who
(Air date:November 25, 1990)After a wild night in ~ a banker convention, Marcy wakes up and discovers the she"s married to a strange guy named Jefferson D"Arcy with a dark past. Al supplies to arrange an additional marriage because that them.
Married... With kids - episode 13 -The Godfather
(Air date:February 3, 1991)Al discovers the Kelly is dating an older man, yet when the older guy turns the end to be linked to the local government, Al takes advantage of the case by gift the neighborhood Godfather.
Married... With kids - illustration 14 -Look Who"s Barking
(Air date:February 10, 1991)Buck the dog (voiced through Cheech Marin in this episode) runs away and also takes house a white woman dog who plots to replace him together the family members pet. Meanwhile, Al searches for his favorite cheesecake chef. B. B. King provides a cameo appearance as a street musician.
Married... With kids - illustration 15 -A Man"s Castle
(Air date:February 17, 1991)Peg safety the food money on tuition to an internal decorating class, where one of her jobs is to beautify Al"s bathroom. Al avenges Peg in his very own way.
Married... With youngsters - illustration 16 -All Night defense Dude
(Air date:February 24, 1991)Al gets a project as a school defense guard, yet gets fired when the beloved football trophy gets stolen while Al was in the bathroom. Then its as much as Al to gain the trophy back.
Married... With children - episode 17 -Oldies yet Young "Uns
(Air date:March 17, 1991)Al i do not care obsessed v trying to remember a song. Meanwhile, Kelly days Vinnie (Matt LeBlanc), who transforms out to be the kid of Al"s old high institution friend, Charlie.
Married... With kids - episode 18 -Weenie Tot lover & other Strangers
(Air date:March 24, 1991)Kelly competes for the possibility to be aspokes-modelfor Al"s favourite food company, Weenie Tots. Bud is depressed that he might not walk to accomplish the president because Al offers his critical $100 dollars come Kelly because that her new dress.
Married... With children - illustration 19 -Kids! Wadaya Gonna Do?
(Air date:April 7, 1991)While Marcy, Jefferson, Al, and also Peg have actually a movie night at the D"Arcy house, Kelly is tricked by Bud come babysit a group of rowdy kids while Bud goes to a concert.
Married... With kids - episode 20 -Top the the Heap
(Air date:April 7, 1991)In the 100th illustration (which only attributes Al Bundy in a small cameo), Al"s friend Charlie (Joseph Bologna) and his dimwitted son Vinnie (Matt LeBlanc), try to right in v snobs in ~ a high-class party.
Married... With kids - illustration 21 -You much better Shop around (Part 1)
(Air date:April 14, 1991)Part one of two. Throughout a heatwave, Al buys an wait conditioner the saps the town"s power. V the next-door neighbors angry, the Bundys relocate to the neighborhood grocery store, wherein they come to be winners the a shopping spree. Design Bobbie Brown guest stars together a stereotypical dumb blonde supermarket patron, named "Nibbles" follow to the credits.
Married... With children - illustration 22 -You much better Shop around (Part 2)
(Air date:April 14, 1991)Conclusion. Al and Peg compete versus Marcy and Jefferson in a supermarket to buy spree, when Bud and also Kelly harass Jerry Mathers of leave It to Beaver fame.

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Married... With children - episode 23 -Buck the Stud
(Air date:May 19, 1991)Al trains Buck the dog come mate through female dogs because that money. Meanwhile, Bud starts to dress up in foppish garments to entice women.
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