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Married to Medicine is one of the best shows top top Bravo appropriate now. Andy Cohen once said the perfect recipe for a reality present needs: humour, conflict, other unexpected, heart, emotion and also authenticity, and also these african American medical miracles are much more than delivering on every single one that those fronts and also giving us shade in their confessionals and the occasional RHOA crossover.
We started in medias res v all the ladies mad at Quad because that cutting lock out later on this season, this show gives the ideal Emmy worthy montages through its messy editing and also I am here for it every day. Dr Greg and also his squeaky voice"s cheating scandal is the talk of Atlanta many thanks to his medical mistress native his reunion confession comes forward to say castle both gave each various other head and he acquired her a hotel room however then freaked out and left. Why would he have opened that can of worms at the reunion once he didn"t have to and also not also tell the whole truth around it? It"s weird come think the HE is the psychologist top top the show, even Alaura has much better advice and also wisdom in ~ 12 years old and also she didn"t spend years in clinical school gaining a PhD.
Scenes that the medical couples reading the blogs about one of the husband"s cheating have almost become as common as a bad wig top top this show. First Curtis and also now Dr G. Also though the mistress in question may be a whore I believe what she’s saying since giving and also receiving head and then make the efforts to find a condom is too specific to do up, but I’m no falling for she trickery the she didn’t understand who the was. Room we an alleged to think she suck his pinky size dick because she favored his personality? and also while we are on the topic of his gherkin, ns don’t think that"s a surprise to anyone and that’s most likely why Quad to be so angry for every those years. I perform think it was more than suspect that Quad satellite by last season and also made us think she to be mad in ~ Dr G for not taking the end the trash if Jackie to be going through a cheating scandal when miss Quad had already gone through one off camera.
Instead of reaching out to her friends Quad has emerged an acute instance of NeNe Leakes Syndrome whereby she it s okay a whiff of call on another TV show and also thinks she"s above the rest of the group. Miss Quad does have a tendency of pushing the ladies away once things obtain rough and also she obviously didn"t desire to talk about her husband"s gherkin gift inside another woman"s mouth ~ above camera however this is a show around a team of girlfriends, not miss out on Quad"s Wild Ride, therefore if she isn"t walking to open up up v her "fake friends" on this show then she must receive a pink slip from Bravo and also spend all the time she wants through her actual Sister circle friends. I love Quad and she"s conveniently one of the ideal shade throwers in Bravo history and one asset come the show but there"s no space for a superior perspective on one ensemble show.
After every the deep dark drama bordering Quad"s husband"s cheating ways, we gained a scene about Toya and also Eugene jumping on trampolines. This juxtaposition in between is why the show is so great but who else however Tacky T would pressure their husband to shed weight by jumping around like a sixth grader?
What walk Jackie execute to piss off God due to the fact that she got breast cancer twice, no kids, a cheating husband and also now a life coach? Is a life coach truth TV talk for a therapist because if you require someone to aid coach you on how to live her life then we have a problem. Does she must teach Jackie exactly how to breath too? The OBGYN is still having trouble trusting Curtis and where he states he is however I don"t think he cheated to be an asshole. I hate cheaters through a passion yet he wasn"t fucking bitches left and also right since he to be horny and also didn"t provide a shit about his wife, the 6"7 coco bar was stepping out due to the fact that the marriage broke down and he feeling lonely. That"s no excuse and he quiet deserves all the the shade in the world, however, if the distance and also communication in the relationship are resolved then you would think his desire to cheat would be too.
I yes, really wish CONE-tessa to be an annoying addition so I can give her the nickname Cuntessa yet she’s real, cool, down to earth and also quick with the shade. She’s no my favourite amongst the group yet she is a good fit. Cuntessa is terrific shade surname though. Everybody desires to it is in a single mom until they room one. It seems easy and also fun however when you have to gain up in ~ 5 to be to do lunches then sit at residence all day watching The View truth sets in, therefore CONE-tessa is working part-time. Like most 2nd season truth stars, CONE-tessa has actually majorly stepped up her glam. Yes, she essential a small work on she edges however her highlights and also aggressive makeup is too lot on her naturally beautiful face.
Cecil and also Simone space still make the efforts to save their marriage while living in different houses. I think Simone still desires a divorce and that reunion makeup was simply her putting sticky ice cream on her fucked up marriage to appease the group, if she want to be married she"d sleep in the same bed as her husband not across town, but in stimulate to want to have actually sex v her husband again she threw a leather & Lace party to try and obtain her sexy back.
I understand we required an excuse for a premiere party however who has actually a party v their friends to lug their sex back, shouldn’t she have a party v her husband? you can"t fake sexual chemistry, it"s literally like an erection, friend can"t pressure yourself to be hard and right currently this marriage is a limp penis. Everyone knows dislike sex is the best sex, so if you don"t want to fuck your husband as soon as you hate him, there"s much more than a problem. Cecil and also Simone space the power couple of this show but if it"s not functioning then sign the papers and also stay in your corresponding north and also south houses.

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It feels great that for the very first time in a long time Mariah hasn’t began the season through shouting “I’MMM BACCKKK” i guess she finally met the criteria the getting together with enough ladies to lastly get her permanent gig earlier because we know she to be scrambling to it is in friends v everyone from Boring Ass Lisa Nicole come Tacky T to go back to being the cell nucleus of this group. As a result Mariah and her full-time position walked into this season through a animal leather catsuit and also a whip to solidify her place in the group, i m sorry was most likely needed after Quad was MIA from this event since she had reserved the night to provide herself affirmations in she guest toilet mirror through a camera crew filming she while Dr Greg stroked his gherkin upstairs.
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