Tonight was the 3rd episode the season 2 of TLC"s Married by Mom and Dad. This main we discover out what wake up to Devin and Ursula, and we meet a new cast member.

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Married by Mom and Dad: Devin Duggan

The episode opens with Devin in ~ the altar talking around how he has to poop. He"s not taking this through the seriousness that deserves.

Ursula go in and also Devin swears and also says she wasn"t the one he wanted his parents to pick. Devin is sweating bullets.

Urusula reads her vows, and also Devin accepts the vows. Devin reads a rhyme that he wrote, which contains the line "I"m end these hoes." They are pronounced man and wife, and also they have actually their first kiss.

Ursula"s parental look really upset while they walk the end of the venue.

They sit down and talk ona couch external the venue, and Devin beginning the conversation by talking around what he desires Ursula come cook.

He states "I don"t like charred food," come which Ursula states "are you searching for a maid?"

Ursula speak Devin the she had a post-nuptial commitment drawn up, and also she desires Devin to sign it immediately.

Ursula is afraid Devin will certainly take every her money, although as we provided in the last illustration recap, that"s not that much.

Ursula and Devin go back to the wedding hall and start conference people. The speeches and dance walk well.

Afterwards, Devin"s parents ask him exactly how he feels about Ursula. He claims he assumed she wouldn"t it is in picked, but he seems to prefer her. He says he will try to discover to love her. However he doesn"t seem as well convinced.

Married by Mom and also Dad: Tahnee Smith

Next, we fulfill a brand-new single, Tahnee, who states she"s had actually trouble conference guys. She claims shes" the one that is always a bridesmaid and also never a bride, and all her friends are having babies.

She"s 30, which apparently is also old to be single. She desires to catch up (it"s an excellent to view she"s gaining married for the ideal reasons...).

Tahnee is high -- over 6 feet in heels -- and that intimidates men.

She defines that her father doesn"t want to be connected in finding she a guy, so one of his ex-wives will be working v Tahnee"s mom to discover someone.

We satisfy Tahnee"s mom, Cindy, and also her one of her dad"s ex-wives, Lisa.

We"ll need to wait until next week to discover out more about Tahnee.

Married through Mom and also Dad: Bethany Layton

In the last episode we met 2 guys, and also now Bethany"s parents room deciding between the two.

They like Matt since he"s that an acceptable religion, but he it s okay saliva top top the political parties of his mouth, which castle think would certainly drive Bethany crazy.

Billy, meanwhile, is Catholic (which pertains to them because they"re Baptist), however they end up choosing him.

Bethany"s parents decision to throw a football v the proposal message to Billy. Billy accepts the proposal.

Back in ~ Bethany"s house, she parents break the news. Bethany looks a small unsure, and wants come know more about the guy. She"s happy as soon as she finds out "he has actually teeth and also a job." but she"s still an extremely nervous.

That"s every for Bethany -- we"ll learn an ext next week.

Married by Mom and also Dad: Marissa Saviano

Marissa"s mother arrives in ~ the start of the episode. Marissa come home and also starts screaming at her dad. She climate starts ordering her parents around.

Marissa"s dad explains that he hasn"t to be satisfied by any type of of the males yet. Nothing rather happens with this family during this episode.

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