If anyone"s relationship was filled through ups and also downs this season the Timber Creek Lodge, the would absolutely be that of mark Milburn and also Jenna Gillund. The two appeared to have actually instant chemistry as soon as they stepped in come pamper all the guest that saw the Canadian retreat. However as the season go on, their relationship took struggle after hit, even if it is it to be Jenna venting come guests about the romantic behind Mark"s back or the Timber Creek Lodge hunk hooking up through a guest throughout the pair"s cooling turn off period. 

But once Mark and Jenna gained away from every one of the stress and drama of functioning at the lodge, they determined to provide love a actual shot. "Jenna and I actually operated on our relationship complying with the show," note told The daily Dish exclusively, adding that the 2 talked every day while he was in Switzerland before he headed ago to Canada instantly after this season ended. "So us spent 6 months together long distance. I would travel down to L.A., and she"d come approximately Vancouver. And also we got to learn an ext about each other outside of the show. It to be awesome." 

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Unfortunately, note said that he and also Jenna eventually chose to call it quits, mainly due to the fact that they"re spring for different things the end of life ideal now. "We just recognized after us got an ext time with each other that we simply were slightly different people and wanted various things at that allude in our lives," the explained. "Jenna is all around family and wants to have actually that now, and I"m yes, really pursuing mine career. Ns love guiding and being in the mountains. And so, it was simply difficult. Ns didn"t want to move to L.A., she didn"t desire to move to Canada, but I respect her as a person, and also I think she"s an significant person." 

With those sort words, it need to come as no surprised that she and Mark still store in touch and also are great friends today. "I think ~ working together in the lodge this season, we acquired to understand a lot around each other through the experience, and also we deserve to share the experience. And so due to the fact that of that, us trust each various other a lot. We recognize we"re no gonna stab each other in the back. As lot as we may have had those experience in the show, in genuine life, we desire to support one another," note said.

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"So no, I"d to speak we"re definitely friends. I"m grateful for that chance to have actually actually make a brand-new friend out of the show."