i finished a pair of cups getting 1st place in every race and also still obtained a 2-star rating, therefore the ranking isn"t only based upon your place (or full points).

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Is over there a identified formula or is it yet one more Nintendo secret?



The two significant things that have actually stood out to me in races:


Probably sort of obvious, yet for 150cc you require to have 40 clues (10 every race) at the finish of a grand Prix -- or in various other words, you have to come in very first every race. Lower tiers might lax the allude requirement a bit, however I haven"t spent too much time there as contrasted to 150cc.

Low in its entirety Time

Your overall time as contrasted to the other chauffeurs needs to it is in noticeably lower -- you should be in very first for the majority of these races to get three stars. The isn"t vital to it is in in very first the entire time (you deserve to make some mistakes, and also the game offers some allowance because that you to recoup from strikes by various other players) however your star count will certainly drop if you aren"t outperforming all various other drivers.

Being in an initial place and staying in very first place appears to really be the only necessity for acquiring three stars. I"ll sell a few points below to try getting there.


Coins haven"t been present since Mario Kart: super Circuit, however they"re ago for Mario Kart 7 and can make a huge difference. You deserve to collect 10 coins transparent the food of a level, and each coin offers a passive speed boost to the player. Other vehicle drivers can likewise collect coins, for this reason the player will be at a disadvantage if they execute not preserve a high coin count.

Having 10 coins throughout the gyeongju isn"t a necessity to gain three stars, however remember what ns said about having a lower overall time than the various other drivers? chauffeurs having a passive speed boost that the player does not will close the gap, making it more difficult to achieve the 3 star rating.

Defensive Items

The first place driver will frequently get reasonably useless items contrasted to the powerful offensive items the the earlier of the load receives. Bananas and also turtle shells, if not ideal in most positions, space actually of value to the an initial place player because they have the right to hold lock behind the cart to act together a protective buffer native attack. To adjust of 3 bananas it seems ~ to be the most valuable in mine experience, since they will follow behind the dare without much effort.

Defensive Driving

If you uncover yourself without items to defend yourself, there are things you can do to keep an assault from placing you too much behind. Some levels have objects in the setting that will impede incoming turtle shells if friend swerve her cart in between them and the draw close object.

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There are other circumstances wherein you probably can"t avoid acquiring hit (an pull close blue tortoise shell), however you have the right to mitigate your losses by decelerating enough to be near enemy chauffeurs when the shell explodes. -If you have a mushroom you deserve to use the right once the blue shell is overhead and it will miss you. Vehicle drivers in second or third place have tendency to it is in in those location for many of a grand Prix, and (if you recover from the turtle shell well enough) disrupting their fads may give you an benefit in in its entirety time elapsed.