Tim Gunn went practically the entire season that “Project Runway” without using his Tim Gunn Save, which vetoes the judges when he disagrees v their decision of that to eliminate. The save was debated by the contestants in critical week’s episode, “Driving miss Unconventional,” so that looked like he could rescue Michael Brambila indigenous the chopping block at the finish of the night, but he let Brambila go. However, v time to run out before the finish of the season, Gunn finally did decide to overrule a judges’ contact by saving Margarita Alvarez in this week’s episode, “Warrior Fashion.” Did friend agree through his choice? Scroll down to poll in ours poll in ~ the bottom the this post.

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This week’s illustration tasked the last five contestants with developing looks for “warrior women” who had survived cancer. Once all to be said and also done it was Brandon Kee who won the architecture challenge, with Ayana Ife and Kenya Freeman also receiving praise, yet the judges were less fond of the looks created by Alvarez and Kentaro Kameyama. It to be the 3rd time receiving a short score because that both the them, and the second time in a row for Kameyama, however it was Alvarez that they decided should be out, even though she received high scores in the last two challenges. Yet Gunn didn’t think she deserved come be sent out home and also used his power to save her.

Did he do the ideal call? Gunn had actually saved his save for so long that that seemed like he can not use it in ~ all. However was Alvarez the right contestant to benefit, or need to he have used come it sooner for another designer? let us know by vote below, and go below to predict that will be got rid of next week.

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