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I have actually a .yml file where as far as I have the right to tell each facet is formatted identically. And also yet follow to YamlLint.com

(): mapping values space not permitted in this context at line 119 column 16

In this case, heat 119 is the line containing the second instance the word "transitions" below. The I can tell each facet is formatted identically. To be I absent something here?

landingPage: include: false transitions: - condition:location nextState:location location: include:false transitions: - condition:excluded nextState:excluded excluded: include:false transitions: - condition:excluded nextState: excluded - condition:age nextState:age

You cannot have a multiline level scalar, such together your include:false transitions it is in the crucial to a mapping, the is why you obtain the mapping worths not enabled in this context error.

Either girlfriend forgot that you need to have a room after the value indicator (:), and you intended to do:

include: false transitions:or you should quote your multi-line scalar:

"include:false transitions":or you should put that plain scalar top top one line:

include:false transitions:please note that part libraries perform not permit value signs in a plain scalar in ~ all, also if they are not followed by space


we should use an are before ":"Then it will excecutecheck the yaml script in belowhttp://www.yamllint.com/


There are couple of worries in the yaml file, with yaml files it gets messy, happily it deserve to be established easily with tools choose yaml lint

Install it

npm download -g yaml-lintHere is how you have the right to validate

E:\githubRepos\prometheus-sql-exporter-usage\etc>yamllint prometheus.yaml√ YAML Lint successful.


For me the difficulty was a unicode "-" from a cut and paste. Visualy the looked OK, but the character was "EN DASH" (U+2013) instead of "HYPHEN MINUS" (U+002D)


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just how to solve the error in YAML file converting yaml come JSON? mapping values room not enabled in this context"
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