If you favor southern cooking, Mama June"s southern Treats is the perfect subscription because that you! It"s a quarterly crate that sends the finest of southerly cuisine.

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*Disclaimer: This box was sent to See, Shop, Love! in exchange because that an ethical review.

Mama June"s southern Treats features the ideal in southerly hospitality from reality TV star June Shannon (Honey Boo Boo"s mom). Every three months you"ll get a crate of June"s favorite southern cooking!

The box functions full-sized items, including snacks and ingredients with connected recipe cards. You"ll also receive a funny kitchen item, like an apron, utensil, or other non-food item.

The crate ships quarterly (once every three months) and also costs $34.95 or $119 annually with totally free shipping to the U.S. The boxes execute ship internationally also with a $15 level rate shipping fee.

This quarter"s box had seven items, with three non-food treats. Here"s what to be inside:Pork Clouds Fried Pork Rinds
- this weren"t on the details card, however they"re Garlic Thyme flavored pork rinds. I"ve never had pork rinds before; I know what they are, just have never tried them.Slap Ya Mama Cajun Seasoning - This seasoning add to a beat of flavor to anything you"re cooking and is do in Louisiana.Man make Seafood boil Soap - This soap is lemongrass scented and also is strong enough to wash away strong smells from cooking crawfish, shrimp, etc.Star Cookie Cutout - This additionally wasn"t top top the details card, yet is a cute extra item.

Mama June"s Hushpuppies Mix
- This mix is made through Georgia-grown, organic, non-GMO white cornmeal and also 100 percent soft red whole wheat flour. I"ve never ever made hushpuppies top top my own before, so this mix will be a nice treat!Sweet Cream Butter Grits Cookies - These cookies were for this reason good! i love butter cookies and also these had a good buttery flavor through Georgia grits mixed in.
Kiss the cook Apron - This apron is nice and also thick and has a colorful style on the front.

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Bottom Line: The 3rd box native Mama June"s southerly Treats had an ext delicious surprises! i especially delighted in the butter cookies and hushpuppies mix.