Maluma se separa de su novia

Una fuente cercana a People En Español nos reveló en exclusiva que Maluma y Natalia Barulich están separados desde hace ya un mes.

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Does Maluma have actually a new girlfriend? Perhaps! On Monday, the Colombian superstar was spotted making out through an enigma woguy while in New York City. The 26-year-old and also his brand-new frifinish stopped by NOMO Kitchen in Soho, wright here they delighted in their lunch outside. During their date, the pair packed on the PDA and mutual a few kisses in between courses.

Maluma wore a striped shirt paired through yellow linen pants and babsence Birkenstock sandals for his lunch day. The singer is in NYC working via Jennifer Lopez on their brand-new video; he was likewise newly announced as one of the performers for at this year's MTV VMAs.

Maluma will likewise star alongside J.Lo in the upcoming rom-com Marry Me, which began filming last October. Lopez recently shared that they filmed component of their movie during the coronavirus quarantine. "Someone came in and also set up a camera and lights, and also then left bereason of social distancing," she told Variety in an intercheck out. "It was me at residence and Maluma in Colombia," she included. "We weren't sure how it was going to work out."

She defined some of the obstacles she and also Maluma faced while filming the new movie, which likewise stars Owen Wilboy. "We had a Zoom speak to," she said. "I start doing the scene with Maluma and also we're hearing echoers and we're all choose, 'Everyone has to mute.' We were just figuring it out as we go. We obtained through the scene. It's going to be in the movie. It's not the best way of filmmaking, however we got it done."

Maluma newly celebrated eight years considering that his first single came out, and also released his brand-new single "Hawaí" last month. He separation from his girlfrifinish Natalia Barulich in October after two years together, and also Barulich confirmed the breakup in a December intersee with Al Rojo Vivo. "It's our personal life and it's for us," she said.

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