The Malta poodle fondly dubbed a Maltipoo has actually been viewed as an overindulged dog for fairly a variety of years. The each other is a cute vision to behold. It is really hard to resist cuddling a Maltipoo once you view one. They are really cute and also are very an excellent for in residence pets. Discover an ext about ours Maltipoo puppies because that sale below!

Due to its high level that intelligence and also agility, Maltipoo’s are imperturbable and uncomplicated to train. So, if you are a naive brand-new dog owner and is in search of a pet to begin with, try owning a Maltipoo.

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Breed History

This dog each other is a designer mixed breed from 2 purebreds, the Maltese and Poodle. These two are really popular and also highly type after little dog breeds. 

It is a recent discovery in the canine family. Maltipoo originated from an island in Malta. The reason behind the breeding in between the Maltese and also poodle is to have actually a dog breed that does not shed much.


Maltipoos are largely lap dogs the love to it is in fondled and a great companion to pet lovers. It has an affectionate and also fun-loving nature make it easy to it is adapted to any type of family’s lifestyle. Come an extent, this dog breed is hypoallergenic and also sheds tiny hair. 

The crossbreed in between the Maltese and Poodle was to produce a perfect tiny dog breed which was completed to a huge extent. Maltipoo is friendly to both humans and also other pets alike. That is recipient to socialize this dog breed else it gets as well possessive the its human owner. No need to acquire scared since children usually fall in love v the breed because of its furry and cute looks. 

In most cases, part dog breeds perform not perform well approximately cats yet this dog breed can comfortably continue to be with a cat. A little dog breed and also can only come in bigger sizes when a Maltese is paired with a miniature poodle. It come in various colors depending upon the color of the parents. 

It is also known to bark loudly to strangers specifically when no trained properly since it is known to it is in a watchdog. 


Keeping this breed external the home for long have the right to be life-threatening because cold weather problems are not conducive to them. 

Except that course once they are taken for walks, practice or to the veterinarian but surely under the nearby supervision that its owner. Also, as result of its small size, this dog breed cannot protect itself native threats and also prey if left external the residence for for this reason long. 

They grow in a warm and also cozy environment due to the fact that most of lock are smaller than cats. They room contented with living in tiny spaces for this reason if you have actually a small yard or home, Maltipoos room your best bet. Maltipoos adapts to changes/new setting easily, which makes them good travel companions.


Maltipoos perform not require lot outdoor exercise due to the fact that as earlier mentioned, they carry out not thrive exterior in the cold. Based on the temperament the this dog breed, exercises like obedience training, round tossing and chasing, etc can be introduced. 

These must be preferably excellent indoors, twice a day. So, brief walks/run and also jog within the block can additionally serve. Together an owner of it a Maltipoos, it provides you the opportunity to do short exercises together well. 


Maltipoos perform not melted occasionally but it is important you brush their furs to prevent tangles. Also, they shed very little throughout the year, so the is vital to trim your coat as frequently as possible. 

Trimming Maltipoos coat and facial hair requires special skills, so if you space not great with those, the is advised her breed be taken to a experienced groomer. One more important thing to take into consideration is the to brush of teeth and also bathing this dog breed. 

Bathing deserve to be done as soon as in 3 weeks and brushing as frequently as possible with encourage dog paste. These actions should be take away seriously.

Our Maltipoo puppies because that sale come from one of two people USDA licensed commercial breeders or understanding breeders v no much more than 5 reproduction mothers. USDA licensed commercial breeders account for much less than 20% of all breeders in the country. 

The control not controlled breeders who are selling outside of the USDA regulations and without a license space what we take into consideration to be “Puppy Mills.” We space committed to offering Maltipoo puppies that will grow up to become important members of your family. We only purchase puppies indigenous the an extremely best sources, and we stand behind every puppy us sell.

Contact us this day to learn an ext about the accessibility of our Maltipoo puppies for sale. We look front to helping you find your next household member. Our pets counselors can answer any questions you have about our Maltipoo puppies.

Top Ten frequently Asked Questions about Maltipoos.

Do Maltipoos shed easily? 

No, they do not, at the very least for a complete year they shed just a little.

Are Maltipoos good fits for families with kids? 

Yes, castle are. In fact, youngsters finds it tough to resist their furry and also cute faces. Most times, they space mistaken for a teddy bear. Yet kids below five years have to be under the supervision of one adult when playing through Maltipoos to stop them acquiring hurt.

How often should Maltipoos be fed? 

They have to be fed 4 times a day when still in the expansion phase. However when they relocate to adulthood, your eating timetable should be changed.

Do Maltipoos have typically health challenges? 

In some situations they do, as soon as they room not effectively taken care of through their organize families. Little dog breeds are believed to have huge health issues. Castle usually endure from “tracheal” health concerns where they discover it hard to breathe.

How long can Maltipoos live? 

The life expectancy of maltipoos are in between the period of 10-16 years.

Can Maltipoos it is in left alone because that long? 

Not all the time, maltipoos tends to acquire anxious and stressed as soon as left alone because that a lengthy time especially when left outdoors for lengthy periods. They start barking loudly unnecessarily.

How large can Maltipoos obtain in size? 

Maltipoos are little dog breeds which method that they space naturally small dogs. Except when they space crossbred v miniature poodles climate they come in bigger sizes.

Is it challenging to train a Maltipoo? 

No, it is not, maltipoos are really easy to train. They are really friendly and also affectionate breeds and does well about cats and dogs alike. They deserve to do well within enclosed and also spacious places. However it is vital to offer special treatment to your hygiene. 

How frequently should a Maltipoo it is in bathed? 

You can bathe your maltipoo once every 3weeks and brush as regularly as possible.

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Why space Maltipoos the finest dogs? 

They are due to the fact that they are an extremely easy come train, they room really lover and also friendly. They deserve to adapt come an environment easily as lengthy as that is not too warm or as well cold. They room dog companions for both cats and also dogs and their human owners.