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Read an in-depth ReviewThe do of a Leader is arranged around the idea the a leader"s life unfolds with a collection of predictable stages, whereby in each phase the leader go through details experiences that teach certain lessons. You"ll want this book as a coach because it reframes a leaders" life in regards to God"s developmental processes--thereby helping you to carry out the very same for your clients. It"s a solidly biblical, broadly researched, and also robust frame that is easily applied to real-life situations.

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Reading with the book and also reflecting on your very own story and life suffer culminates in producing a personal timeline, a tremendous help in knowledge the occupational of God in your own life. Due to the fact that God works in different way in every season, emerging a timeline through your coach is a an excellent way come understand and also engage God in the transitional periods of life.

As you research these timeless values through a myriad of examples, the author"s personal stories and case studies, you"ll see just how the set of leadership flows from her "being", or character, and also how God is constantly in ~ work emerging that character throughout her life. The do of a Leader consists of proven principles for:

Identifying those with the capability to lead, and also the scope of management they are called toDeveloping leadership capacity in othersUnderstanding your own (or a client"s) stage and also where you room in God"s leadership advancement processCoaching those who space experiencing periods of transition, attempt or frustrationThe step of management DevelopmentThe make of a Leader lays out a detailed, six-stage process of management emergence. The step are:Sovereign Foundations: how God providentially lays the foundation of your life v history, family and also moreInner-Life Growth: the leader begins to understand God personally and sets initial fads for engaging God once he or she is testedMinistry Maturing: The rising leader identify his or her gifts and learns by doing, and also from his or her very own experiencesLife Maturing: The leader attributes in his or her gifts in a solve way, and also continues to growConvergence: The leader"s donation is maximized through moving into a "convergent role" that fits his or she gifts and also abilities and also minimizes authorized in weak areasAfterglow: A lifetime of leading v integrity culminates in a season the less task but with vast indirect and relational influence 

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Table of Contents

Preface to the modification Edition Introduction: who requirements These great Anyway?A Letter come Dan, the InternThe Basis because that Lessons: The big PictureFoundational Lessons: within Life growth ProcessesSecond Lessons: ministry Maturing procedures - part ISecond Lessons: ministry Maturing processes - part IIOngoing Lessons: Guidance and Multi-Phase ProcessesThe Deepening Lessons: Life Maturing ProcessesIntegrating the class of Life: towards a to adjust PhilosophyAccepting the class of Life: The leadership ChallengesAppendicesGeneral IndexScripture Index
Dr. J. Robert Clinton is combine Professor of management at the school of civilization Mission in ~ Fuller Theological Seminary.

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He specialization in examining leadership, including exactly how leaders room selected, exactly how they emergence and how they are trained. He and also his students have extensively researched the biographies of end 600 key leaders, past and also present, and that research creates the basis of his many books and also leadership studies.