Magnum Pump XR guarantees that they space the price you have actually been spring for, and that you will have the ability to “rock she sex life like never ever before”. I initially came across this product when doing some study on an additional site, and also they to be talking about this supplement together well.

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It appears that Magnum Pump XRhas just been ~ above the sector for around a year now, and also has simply now beginning selling their product in masse. However can using this complement really give you the type of irreversible gains the they promise? We collection out to find out all us could about Magnum Pump XR, and compare it to some other formulas we have used personally.

How go You discover Out around Magnum Pump XR?

I happened to learn about it via an advertisement I stumbled across that looked prefer this:


I’m not a vast Cowboys fan (or also a football fan, for the matter), however I recognize who Tony Romo is.

Anyway, i clicked on the advertisement and it take it me come an post on CNN that asserted Romo broke his silence and revealed the he was suffering from erectile dysfunction.

So he really is person then, isn’t he?

According come the post I’m reading, it was Tony Romo himself that emerged Magnum Pump XR.

He’s quoted together saying the following:

”I have actually done my research study and spoken to specialists and also industry insiders about the topic.” Romo pointed out on the show. “And they aided us create this productMagnum Pump XR.And mate have the right to I call you, this stuff is very potent.I’ve make the efforts Viagra, I’ve make the efforts Tadalafil, I’ve do the efforts Cialis.Magnum Pump XR blows them every away.”

Now, I’m no going to go into a long, rambling discussion about how this whole CNN article is completely fake.

By trust me, the is!

In fact, the is however another part of a long line of similar schemes and false ads scattered throughout the net that is little more than one more attempt to garner attention.

Here’s a pair of quick facts:

This specific Same advertisement Has Been supplied Multiple Times

When I observed the Tony Romo ad, i knew it looked familiar.

Sure enough, together I started looking through few of my old posts, I started to view a connection.

This exact same ad (almost verbatim) has been supplied almost fifty percent a dozen times.

Don’t think me?

Well, check these out:



Guess what happens as soon as you click on those ads? If friend guessed that you would see the exact same article, friend win!

How go Magnum Pump XR Work?

This is a little of a an enig because over there is practically no info on the ingredient in Magnum Pump XR detailed on your website.

At least not in plain site.

I had to carry out a bit of digging, yet eventually found the complete ingredients list.

According to the manufacturer, they insurance claim it contains a blend of L-Arginine, including:

L-ArginineArginine A-AKGArginine A-KICOrithine Alpha-KetoglutarateGlutamine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

They show how a cock fills with blood during an erection, and mention that this an increase in blood circulation is a result of the ingredients.

There has actually been some proof to indicate that L-Arginine can aid with erectile role and quality.

They additionally claim on your website the Magnum Pump XRhas been supplied by porn stars almost everywhere as a “secret” to cock growth, yet we could not find any verifiable insurance claims that this is true.

Click here to find the end why there is no such point as a “permanent enlargement pill”.

Did Howie long Use Magnum Pump XR?

No, and also I will certainly prove why in a few minutes.

They do point out the reality that friend will receive membership to your online dick enlargement program, but don’t go into the details of what that routine is. We can only assume the it most likely is some kind of an online course which describes various enlargement exercises you can do to assist increase your dimension in conjunction through Magnum Pump XR.

We dove onto part forums the are associated to cock enlargement to see if anyone has actually offered the product, however came increase short. T need to be listed that reviews of Magnum Pump XR are hard to find due to the fact that there space literally dozens of assets that have the word “magnum pump” in the name. Whatever ranging from winter to salt and also pepper shakers room covered by the magnum pump name.

Where to Buy Magnum Pump XR

It looks like the only location you can buy Magnum Pump XRis on their main site, which isn’t even really an main site. The domain surname MagnumPump.com turns up nothing, and also when us ran a search for their website on google and also yahoo, their shows up to be nothing.

I had actually to destruction really deep to find it, and it turns out that the official site is www.trymagnumpump.com.

But hold on just a minute, you might not want to bespeak it before you listen all around their cost-free trial.

Magnum Pump XR complimentary Trial

This product, according to ours sources, has a complimentary trial walking on ideal now, yet you have to be alarmed that the complimentary trial is actually no a totally free sample. Once you order the trial package of Magnum Pump XR, girlfriend will obtain a one month supply. After 18 days, your credit transaction card will be fee $98.79.

You won’t see this on the checkout page since they suspiciously (and illegally) hide your terms and conditions.


If you just so happen to click on that link, you’ll see the following:

Unless you cancel by no later on than 14 days from your date of enrollment, you will be automatically charged the full purchase price ($ 98.79) fourteen (14) work (10 job plus 4 job s&h) from your trial start date and you will be enrolled in our auto-ship program (“Program”).You will be sent a 30-day it is provided of Magnum Pump XR about every 30 work thereafter, and also you will be fee or debited $ 98.79 (which consists of s&h) come the very same card that you noted until you cancel.

1000’s of guys are scammed by this everyday, and there appears to it is in no end in sight.

Additionally, there room literally 100’s of other supplements that pull the specific same marketing trick.

They incorporate supplements choose Epic Male, Spartagen XT, and also Alpha TRT, come name simply a few.

If it says complimentary trial almost everywhere on the site, you’re ideal bet is to simply click away fast!


It is nearly impossible for united state to either recommend or tell girlfriend to avoid Magnum Pump XRfor the sheer fact that their is so restricted information top top it. We can’t actually compare it to other commodities in it’s category due to the fact that of a lack of ingredient list, no clinical trials, no physician endorsements, and also lack of reviews.

I can say that the truth that there is little information about it definitely raises a red flag in me, but that is not to say the meas for details that the is no to it is in trusted, simply that trusting in it fully would call for a leap of belief that ns am no comfortable making.

Additionally, the fact that they room using deceptive marketing come showcase their pills should have actually you to run for the hills.

If I had actually to take it a guess, you most likely won’t see Magnum Pump XR top top the shelves in 3 months or less.

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Until then we recommend you shot something else the may provide you raised libido and desire.