As is characteristic for the genre of magical realism, prefer Water For coco blurs the line in between reality and the supernatural. In the novel, as soon as emotions room repressed or escalated, day-to-day actions and events transform into supernatural occurrences. The most central example is Tita’s magical capability to med her cooking with her present emotional state. Mama Elena punishes Tita because that expressing emotion, therefore Tita’s superordinary power provides her feel a room to exist and impact others. An essential to the standards of the genre, the personalities aren’t surprised by the supernatural occurrences and, in fact, might not also acknowledge them in ~ all. The superordinary in the novel, in fact, regularly acts subversively however without the characters’ intent. Tita’s magical capability occurs without any intention and also it is unclear even if it is or not she is even conscious of it. The mythological also permits the mind and soul to affect the body in methods that space scientifically inexplicable. For example, Tita develops a phantom pregnancy while experiencing incredible shame and guilt about her affair with Pedro. Because of this, the superordinary in the novel concerns be intertwined with the character’s very own subconscious, expressing the which the personalities themselves not just cannot however cannot always even recognize.

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The timeline below shows where the price The Supernatural/ Magic/ strange Events appears in Like Water for Chocolate. The fancy dots and icons suggest which themes are associated with that appearance.



* she mother’s womb, Tita cry so fiercely when her mom chopped onion the she magically sent her mom into beforehand labor. Born top top the kitchen table, Tita’s tears continued, flooding...(full context)
...all end the floor. Tita, unaware the her tears from the night prior to are the supernatural cause of the mayhem, continues eating the cake without experiencing any kind of of the effects. Vomit...(full context)
...Elena’s disapproval. Rosaura, stricken with morning sickness, proper eats. Gertrudis, however, feels really hot, affected supernaturally through Tita’s food. Feeling a sirloin of sexual desire, she starts to imagine it s her naked...(full context)
...Pedro and Tita stand on the patio, speechlessly the town hall the scene. The rose-scented cloud climate magically travels far away to a battleground wherein federal and rebel troops are fighting. Juan Alejandrez,...(full context)
While acquisition a shower, Tita feeling the water obtain magically hot, and realizes the Pedro is the town hall her in between the shower head boards. She operation to...(full context)
...ghost dwindles into a tiny light and shoots the end of Tita’s window. Tita’s belly then magically deflates, releasing she menstrual flow. Tita realizes the she no pregnant after all. Exterior Tita’s...

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(full context)
...chile has actually been eaten way “good manners have actually been forgotten.” After eating the dish, a magical sex-related passion takes host of every one of the guests. Gertrudis, just as she was years...(full context)