Netflix provided ‘Magic Mike’ fans an unexpected surprise as soon as they released footage of the film’s strip scene there is no the included music and also it was shocking to watch.

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Netflix showed that music have the right to really make a movie once they common a special clip of Magic Mike‘s stripping scene without the music the Channing Tatum‘s character famously gets down to. The clip, which was released top top the network’s society media sites on Sept. 1, showed the hunky actor and the rest of the dancers moving their bodies in their black vests, ties, and also pants yet with no included music, all you could hear was the noises they made while dancing throughout the stage and also the audience’s claps. “This is what Magic Mike sounds choose without music. You’re welcome,” the Network’s cheeky caption for the clip read.

This is what Magic Mike sounds choose without music.

You're welcome.

— Netflix (
Once it was shared, the video brought on a large number of comments that couldn’t get over how weird the scene was without the music they’re used to. “i hate you every for this,” one follower composed indicating the clip damaged the scene. “But when he started shakin’ that the sound made me laugh as well hard,” an additional wrote while including a bunch that laughing emojis. “this do me very uncomfortable, however i couldn’t avoid watching,” a 3rd wrote.

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“I watched it twice,” yet one more follower admitted while one revealed the they “couldn’t prevent laughing.” “I never want to see anything there is no music ever again,” an additional tweet read and also one even referred to as the clip “Embarrassing.”

Channing Tatum in the duty of ‘Magic Mike’ in the 2012 film. (©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection)

Channing didn’t respond come the epic clip yet however the star made rather the impression in the 2012 film so it’s no surprise that an unedited video would obtain the fist of many people! He played the currently famous function of Michael “Magic Mike” Lane, a stripper who works at a club referred to as Xquisite and the film did well enough to at some point film and also release a sequel referred to as Magic Mike XXL, i beg your pardon he likewise starred in. The role put him in a vast spotlight and also proved to be one of his many memorable end the years.

We’re not sure if Netflix plans on releasing much more clips indigenous Magic Mike or other films without the edited music part scenes are known for, yet it would absolutely be exciting to check out if lock did!