Showcasing queer-inclusive, civilization of color-inclusive lyrics, will certainly ‘Growing increase (Sloane’s Song)’ finally put come bed the debate Macklemore’s sincerity?



Macklemore has carved a niche because that himself together a feel-good, chill-vibes rapper who spcouchsurfingcook.coms messages of love and also acceptance. If this is every well and also good, that hinges top top the principle of sincerity. 

If he is sincere in his music climate he’s a straight, white, guy who preaches messages of tolerance and bonhomie. If this have the right to lead to part problematic situations, the is, by and also large, other positive.

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If he is being insincere, then he’s exploiting an altering tides in culture to make a buck. Which, for a pop musician, is par because that the course, but an ext of one evil 보다 a virtue.

It is this contingency ~ above sincerity that has actually lead come innumerable discussions the merits of the Seattle-bred rapper. 

Now Macklemore, alongside his partner in music, Ryan Lewis, have actually released “Growing up (Sloane’s Song),” featuring Ed Sheeran. The monitor is the very first they’ve put in 3 years and also is a love letter come Macklemore’s newborn daughter. 

“I wish the I can say the I remained in a ‘better place’ once I discovered the news,” to write Macklemore “Growing increase (Sloane’s Song).” “It would make for a far an ext polished and respectable story. But I think earlier to the night: praying on the floor in ~ 2 a.m. As Tricia saw the bathroom to take it the pregnant test I’d just purchased indigenous Walgreens.”

“I was scared. Fear to begin working on brand-new music. Scared of do the efforts again and failing. Fear of the procedure of staring at myself with a page and also seeing who that i wasn’t proud of. Who that i didn’t like. Someone the wasn’t ready to it is in a dad.” 

He go on to point out just how he and also Lewis composed the track and that that both a song his daughter farming up and his very own maturity. 

In the lyrics, Macklemore urges his daughter to check out the works of black authors and presages her going to the prom with an additional girl and also sneaking her back into the house.

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That the kind of “let’s all be accepting” stuff the made “Same Love” a phenomenon and also Macklemore and Ryan Lewis a mountain of cash. 

Considering the this is supposed to be a tune from him come his daughter, ns willing to take it at confront value—even my cynicism knows some bounds. However will this obtain all the think piece writer to put down their pens? No way. 

By the way, Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty, Macklemore"s daughter, to be born on may 29, 2015.