The Teen mommy is Tatted Up!

Teen mom OG cast member Maci Bookout McKinney has constantly been open about growing her currently impressive collection of ink and just last week, the mommy of three finished increase an complex full-sleeve tattoo ~ above her best arm, finish with a compass, publication pages, hot air balloon and also sunset scene, every done in a vibrant, watercolor-style design. The 26-year-old has yet come officially debut her new sleeve on social media, however lucky because that us, she tattoo artist did it because that her.

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Take a emergence at her Finished Ink!

Maci Bookout’s sleeve was done through Texas-based tattoo artist Mike Diaz, who posted picture of her colorful arm tattoos on Instagram, along with the caption, “Very happy to have actually Mrs.
macideshanebookout come ago out to complete up her sleeve. <…> def had a many fun v this girl; offered reality that she was low on sleep and went a entirety 9 hours…she simply got much better with time.” Nine hrs is a long time come sit under the tattoo needle, yet Bookout to be obviously happy with the perfect product. She commented on Diaz’s Instagram post, “It was a blast and also I'm therefore in love with my sleeve.”

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Back in 2014, Bookout opened up about the tattoos she has collected over the years, creating in a blog write-up on she website, “My tattoos are something that ns have always kept an extremely private. <…> Yet, lock are little reminders of my story. Lessons the have had actually a large impact top top me and also my journey. Ns think of them as pieces to my puzzle. No issue how large or small, they put me together.” There’s nothing small about Bookout’s brand-new sleeve though; the octopus extends from her right shoulder every the method down to she wrist, and, when a pair of piece on her shoulder and forearm have actually been there because that a while, the rest of the sleeve appears to it is in brand-new.

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In addition to her brand-new sleeve, Maci Bookout rocks several other permanent pieces scattered throughout her body, consisting of the native “bulletproof” on the back of her shoulder, she son’s name “Bentley Cadence” on she hip, a tattered item of notebook record covering her back, one anatomical heart on she shoulder, a No. 2 pencil on she arm, and the phrase “learn come feel” running across her ribs and down she spine, among other tattoos. Even if it is you’re a pan of Maci Bookout’s considerable ink or not, you might want to keep your opinion to yourself, because, together she claims in she blog post, “I love , and also I don’t provide a cursed if girlfriend love lock or not.”

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Maci Bookout’s sleeve to be done by Texas-based tattoo artist Mike Diaz, who posted photos of her vivid arm tattoos on Instagram, together with the caption, “Very happy to have Mrs. <br><h3>Miss Maci</h3><br><br><br>See more: <a href=545 John Knox Road Tallahassee, Fl 32303, 545 John Knox Rd, Tallahassee, Fl 32303

Maci Bookout’s sleeve to be done through Texas-based tattoo artist Mike Diaz, who posted photos of her colorful arm tattoos ~ above Instagram, in addition to the caption, “Very happy to have actually Mrs.