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Yeh uh, uh, uh one time one time one time for your goddamn mindWalking through this civilization with js on mine feetJ js on mine feet, j js on mine feetWalking v this people with js on my feetJ js on my feet, jjjjs on my feet, walking thru this people with js on mine feetBabes on my piece, slave on these beats walking through this world with js on mine feetJ js on mine feet, j js on mine feetCause that a banger 2 banger 2Type the shit on salary per watch butt nakedShe layin layin cause you can"t tame a zoo she wildShe want my child dont touch the dialI whisper in she ear it provides her laugh Loud together I"m fucking herSmooth prefer im in love through herTingles up my spine everytime that im touchin herI love her choose pussy, moneyWeed, as soon as im hungry I will feedSo for dinner she cooks food through 4 different types of cheeseIn the sheets we have actually dessert till it hurts, emotion on she curvesI pet up on the pussy til it purrsTouch me touch me, im sure its her the loves meCause I can make the virgin mary fuck me... Trust meMac favor bernie, having actually sex choose willFuck a freaky circus bitch if she quiet wearin stiltsThese js on my feet and these babes on mine pieceSee I have a different girl for every job of the weekGirl mapquest my deal with to accessibility my mattressI gain girls directly outta the pageantNo doubt the im smashin, ns askin her nameYou a masterpiece girl and that ass is simply flameShe knows the im a rapper and also her daddys ashamedWon"t allow her out the crib young hes actin insaneShe obtained that cute smile and also she laugh at my nameBut wanna roll through my people let mac acquire that brainYeah mac has actually that video game so see how he theatre itI challenge piff rap to a girl and leave she anxiousGirls want me once I was chubby through some bracesI gambling they choose me currently cuz I acquired money and im famousThe taste is delicious she lips give me kissesThrow her in the kitchen and also she make me part dishesHer dinner ain"t right, ill recognize its smellin awfulThat girl deserve to make a batch the belgian waffles a jawfulGrab a ounce or enlarge then ns bounce favor tiggerCount 3 dollars up and grab a pack of some swishersIm feeling stoned acquired my cigarillo rolledFilled with eco-friendly isle like an armadillo"s noseI"m sipping out the water tap light the piff and wanna throwThen us spliffing increase the dro together I"m slipping of she clothesNot a player choose pun is more flavors come comeNo long lasting girls castle life savers no gumBut I might use her beauty they can take she to a movieBut the girl be getting an ext love 보다 LucySo i can"t complain or contain this broadsI feel favor I"m favor the white flavor flav with broadsShorty got a ass a body plus her challenge is bombThey running after me yo restrain castle dawgThey going tackle me rip garments off and also saddle meMac wake ya ass up and hop in come realityI guess hoes ain"t below kissing my feetBut I carry out gotta uncover a new bitch every weekI stated I guess: v hoes ain"t right here kissing feetBut I perform gotta uncover a new bitch every week so don"t sleep