What do you acquire when you overcome MAC Cosmetics with Mariah Carey? only the many glittery, fabulous, holiday-ready beauty participation of all time. Because that those who are fans that frosted lipsticks and also the queen of Christmas music, you understand this isn't Mariah's first ride at the beauty beauty rodeo. About this time critical year, the popular music star exit a shimmery naked lipstick with MAC, so for her second teamwork with the brand, she's doing it also bigger and also better. Would you intend anything less?

These brand-new products (out December 15th) covering a many ground. The line consists of a gold bronzer (with Mariah's face on it, due to the fact that naturally), 2 shimmery eyeshadow quads, 5 lipsticks (all engraved v a butterfly on the bullet), and also five glowing lip glosses. Plus, rosy pink blushes, a loose powder, lip pencils, a fluid eyeliner, makeup brushes, and also false lashes. Phew! The ideal part? most are named after her best songs for some included nostalgia through every swipe the gloss or brush the shadow.

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Among all these options, let's no kid: us were many excited to obtain our hand on the frosted lipsticks and also glosses. As soon as buying Mariah makeup, you've got to do as Mariah, right? we queued increase "All i Want" and went to swatching. Here, our moral opinions of the most popular shades the the bunch.


Emily KempConcepcion (top left) : "This lipstick is a pale pink, and it walk on smoothly and also feels long-lasting. Ns think it's a small too pale because that my complexion, yet I think it looks awesome on lighter skin tones."

Erin (top right) : "I'm typically a dark lipstick girl, for this reason this shade is a lot lighter 보다 I'd usually wear. It’s really ‘90s, and also would be exciting with a dark eye, actually. Friend know, just how Mariah would certainly wear it."

Jen (bottom left) : "I tend to favor light nude lipsticks, and also this the shade is no different. It functions really well v my same skin and is great for toning down my whole look. I'd wear this to the office or running errands."

Christina (bottom right) : "The texture is therefore smooth—honestly, it's prefer butter—but it's a wee bit too light for me, TBH."


Concepcion: "Hello, new Year's night look! If ns was wearing a tiny black dress, this would certainly be cute. It's so frosty! ns think I might need a inside wall to make it feel much more even, though."

Erin: "This one is super frosty—it kind of makes me look favor I was the end in the snow for a really lengthy time. Yet I'd it is in interested in do the efforts this over another lipstick, probably a darker one, so I can layer it because that a shiny, vacation effect. Or, oooh, one ombre one lip."

Jen: "The shimmer ~ above this lipstick is no joke! the reminds me that the metallic and also glitter lip fads we’ve been seeing everywhere. I favor that it’s more of a naked shade, too, therefore the color doesn’t overwhelm the shine. I’d undertake this for a holiday party through friends.

Christina: "Have you seen Zenon Girl the the 21st Century? That's therefore me in this. It’s an extremely pigmented and also really shiny!"


Emily KempConcepcion: "This is such a pretty, shiny mauve! I could see myself wearing the at occupational or when I go out at night. It has actually some sheen, however it’s not also dramatic, and also I like just how it looks through my complexion."

Erin: "This is certainly my favorite. It's actually like a frostier version of my favourite MAC Lipstick, Amorous—it's one amped-up, new Year's variation of it. I certainly like darker shades on me, but it’s not as well dark or dramatic. That looks good with my really ghostly skin tone."

Jen: "I don’t generally wear dark lipstick, but when I perform I save it nice simple. Ns love the color on this one—perfect for winter—but might see myself put on it much more often if it were matte or had actually less shine."

Christina: "Metallic plum, not a shade I'd commonly pick for myself. Ns don’t understand if I like the frosty look, since I normally do something much more subtle. Yet it’s no bad. I'd wear the out."

4. Butterfly BlingA glittery, warmth bronze gloss


Emily KempConcepcion: "I’m not a lip gloss girl, but it’s nice if I desire something casual. Ns don’t think the shade is really strong; that feels natural and virtually skin-tone colored. I'm phone call this a 'brunch look.'"

Erin: "I choose this better than I thought I would. I don’t normally wear a lot of sparkly color on mine lips, but it’s kind of bronzy and gold, and weirdly flattering ~ above me. That feels long-lasting, choose it won’t wear turn off throughout the day."

Jen: "This gloss has a quite warm, caramel tint to it. I think it’d be nice through a tan actually, so I’d save it for summer."

Christina: "It’s an ext natural than the various other frosty shades. It looks contempt tinted, and also the sparkle is shimmering in a few different colors. I prefer it! yet warning: It's sticky."

5. Rainbow InterludeA glittery, irradiate pink gloss

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Concepcion: "It’s very shiny. Through gloss ns feel favor you nothing really watch the color well, which I’m not a fan of since I usually prefer purples, pinks, and reds. So i guess if you just want some shine, this works. The splendors is also pretty subtle; it’s no overpowering."

Erin: "I desire to love this. I really do. Yet it reminds me that the lip gloss I provided to stay in 6th grade. It could be pretty blended with a darker gloss, though, so ns don’t look therefore pale."

Jen: "I’m having a bit of a lip gloss Renaissance lately, therefore I’m right into this. It’s really early 2000s: light pink and also shiny!"

Christina: "I think I discovered my favorite! Mostly since it’s a little more subtle and also has less glitter than the others. I’ve to be really right into matte lipsticks lately—either really pink or yes, really dark red—so this would be a nice rest from those."

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