For loss 2016, MAC launched this amazing color makeup collection influenced by Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla. MAC x Selena arsenal is a brand-new bright and bold line-up by M.A.C Cosmetics, which payment homage to Selena Quintanilla, an American singer, songwriter, actress and fashion designer that left a well-off heritage to the human being even though she passed far at a very young age. Selena Quintanilla was a Grammy award-winning recording artist and also singer from Texas who died from a gunshot wound in 1995. She contributions to music and fashion do her among the most commemorated Mexican-American entertainers of the late 20th century.

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MAC x Selena Lipsticks – Dreaming that You, Como La Flor Review

MAC x Selena Lipsticks – Dreaming of You, Como La Flor Review

Curated through Selena’s sister’s Suzette, The collection has mono eyeshadows, lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner and also face products. Products from this collection look gorgeous with the lover purple color (Selena’s favourite color) packaging.This collection includes three brand-new shades of lipstick (USD $18 each), five new eyeshadows ($17 each); a brand-new blush duo ($29); a brand-new gloss ($17); and also three re-promoted items indigenous the MAC long-term line (USD $18 Opulash Mascara, USD $21 Boot black color Liquid Eye Liner and the USD $35 129SH Powder/Blush Brush).

I was among those lucky girls who acquired early access to the arsenal in an to exclude, pre-sale top top September 28 being a MAC dedicated Member (MAC’s version of Sephora VIB). This collection obtained sold out on MAC websites and also was re launched last mainly or so. If you room lucky- You’ll have the ability to find some commodities from this collection.

Well, In today’s post – ns am swatching 2 lipsticks indigenous this arsenal : Dreaming of friend & Como La Flor

MAC x Selena Lipsticks – Como La Flor, Dreaming that You

Packaging & PriceThe MAC Selena lipsticks come in this stunning light violet matte tubes. The base of the tube has “Selena” embossed in a shimmery print.I love the color of the bullet and also the pan of Selena would cherish the customized touch. Totally in love! Retails because that USD $18.00 each

MAC x Selena Lipsticks – Como La Flor, Dreaming of You

MAC x Selena Lipsticks – Como La Flor, Dreaming the You

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Dreaming the You (Matte): A deep wine red shade, Applies really silky and has a lightweight formulation. It has actually a soft satin finish. I uncover ‘Dreaming of You’ verymoisturizing and comfortable on my lips. The pigmentation is greatas well, as soon as applied and also blended ~ above the lips, the shade builds to a completely matte coveragewithin 1-2 swipes. My favorite shade Como La Flor (Amplified): Abright cherry red through subtle sparkles. Semi- slim formula thatisn’taspigmented together ‘Dreaming that You’ . However, the the shade is buildableto a greatly opaque finish. The shade is moisturizing too, Hasa beautiful sheen come it. Together it’s of amplified finish, it’s all expected. Ns love the color though

I to be so in love through the purple packaging too… exactly how pretty it’d be on a white vanity!

Here room some in-depth pictures the the lipsticks followed by hand and also lip swatches