Earlier this week the 53-year-old "18 til i Die" singer becouchsurfingcook.comme a dad for the 2nd time as soon as his girlfriend, Alicia Grimaldi, gave birth come Lula RosyLea. The newborn joins older sisters Mirabella Bunny, who was born in April 2011.

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So what"s the story behind the Adams babies" lover names?

The couchsurfingcook.comnadian musician described that his recent arrival, that was born in London, is named for her birthplace in addition to a famous pop track (of course).

"Lula Rosylea come
teatime this wk. A cup of "rosie lee" = "cup the tea" in cockney," Adams tweeted yesterday afternoon, ("cockney" definition cockney rhyming slang). "Lula comes from Gene Vincent"s song Be-Bop-A-Lula."

He used timing to surname his first child, Mirabella Bunny, as well.

“She arrived choose all an excellent Easter bunnies, ~ above Easter Friday,” he said in a explain at the time of she birth.

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The Kingston native only revealed that was dating Grimaldi, his an individual assistant, when they announced they to be expecting Mirabella rabbit in march 2011. Yet things it seems ~ to be going swimmingly.

"Thanks to anyone for the sort wishes," Adams tweeted Friday morning. "Baby and mama space doing well"


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