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"Love the method You Lie" is a song tape-recorded by the American rapper Eminem, featuring Barbadian singer Rihanna, native Eminem"s saturday studio album restore (2010). The singer and also songwriter Skylar Grey wrote and also recorded a demo that the song alongside the producer Alex da Kid as soon as she felt she remained in an abusive romantic relationship with the music industry. Eminem composed the verses and also chose Rihanna to sing the chorus, resulting in a cooperation influenced through their previous experiences in challenging relationships. record sessions were organized in Ferndale, Michigan, and also Dublin, Ireland. Backed by guitar, piano and also violin, the track is a midtempo hip-hop ballad through a pop refrain, sung through Rihanna, and describes 2 lovers that refuse to separate in spite of being in a danger love–hate relationship. Interscope records released the song on June 2010 together the second single indigenous Recovery. Doubters praised the melody yet were separated into thematic elements such as poignancy and accuracy. Eminem supported the single with performances at the 2010 digital Entertainment Expo, the 2010 MTV video clip Music Awards and festivals. The music video, directed by Joseph Kahn, stars Dominic Monaghan and also Megan Fox in a violent relationship and shows Eminem and also Rihanna in prior of a burning house. The clip had actually a mixed reception because of scenes of domestic violence. Reporters suggested that the song and its accompanying video were influenced by Eminem"s and Rihanna"s relationships v their respective ex-lovers Kimberly Scott and Chris Brown.more »

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Just gonna stand there and watch me burnWell that"s alright, because I like the way it hurtsJust gonna was standing there and also hear me cryWell that"s alright, because I love the method you lieI love the way you lieI can"t tell girlfriend what it really isI deserve to only tell girlfriend what it feels likeAnd right now there"s a steel knife, in mine windpipeI can"t breathe, yet I still fight, while I have the right to fightAs lengthy as the wrong feels right, it"s like I"m in flightHigh turn off of love drunk from mine hateIt"s choose I"m huffing paint and I love her the much more I sufferI suffocate and also right before I"m around to drownShe resuscitates me, she fucking no meAnd i love it, waitWhere girlfriend going? I"m leaving youNo you ain"t, come backWe"re running best back, below we walk againIt"s so insane "cause when it"s walk good, it"s going greatI"m Superman, with the wind in ~ his back, she"s Lois LaneBut once it"s bad, it"s awfulI feel so ashamed, i snapped, who"s that dude?I don"t even know his name, i laid hands on herI"ll never stoop so low again, ns guess i don"t recognize my very own strengthJust gonna was standing there and also watch me burnWell that"s alright, due to the fact that I choose the means it hurtsJust gonna stand there and also hear me cryWell that"s alright, since I love the method you lieI love the means you lieI love the method you lieYou ever before love somebody so muchYou have the right to barely breathe, as soon as you"re v them, girlfriend meetAnd neither one of you, even know what fight "emGot that warm fuzzy feeling, yes them chills, offered to gain "emNow you"re obtaining fucking sick, that looking at "emYou swore you"ve never ever hit "em, never do nothing to hurt "emNow you"re in each other"s face,Spewing gift in her words, when you spit "emYou push, pull every other"s hair, scratch, claw, little "emThrow "em down, pin "em, so shed in the moments, as soon as you"re in "emIt"s the rage the took over it controls friend bothSo they to speak it"s best, to walk your separate waysGuess that they don"t understand ya "cause today, that was yesterdayYesterday is over, it"s a various daySound like broken records, playin" over, however you promised herNext time you"ll show restraintYou don"t get one more chanceLife is no Nintendo game, however you lying againNow you get to watch she leaveOut the window, guess: v that"s why they call it window paneJust gonna stand there and also watch me burnBut that"s alright, because I favor the means it hurtsJust gonna was standing there and hear me cryBut that"s alright, because I love the method you lieI love the means you lieI love the way you lieNow I recognize we said things, go thingsThat us didn"t mean and we fall ago into the same patternsSame routine, however your temper"s just as bad, together mine isYou"re the same as me, once it involves love, you"re simply as blindedBaby please come back, it wasn"t youBaby it was me, maybe our partnership isn"t together crazy together it seemsMaybe that"s what happens once a tornado meets a volcanoAll I know is i love you also much, come walk far nowCome inside, pick up your bags turn off the sidewalkDon"t friend hear sincerity, in mine voice when I talk?Told girlfriend this is my fault, look at me in the eyeballNext time I"m pissed, I"ll target my fist at the dried wallNext time, there will be no following timeI apologize also though I know it"s liesI"m tired of the games, I just want she back, I recognize I"m a liarIf she ever tries to fucking leaving againI"m a tie her to the bed and set this house on fireJust gonna stand there and also watch me burnBut that"s alright, since I choose the way it hurtsJust gonna was standing there and hear me cryBut that"s alright, due to the fact that I love the way you lieI love the way you lieI love the method you lie

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Eminem Marshall Bruce Mathers III (born October 17, 1972), known professionally together Eminem (/ˌɛmɪˈnɛm/; frequently stylized together EMINƎM), is an American rapper, songwriter, document producer, record executive, and also actor. That is continuously cited as among the greatest and also most prominent artists of every time in any kind of genre, through Rolling rock ranking that 83rd ~ above its list of the 100 greatest Artists of every Time and also labelling him the "King of hip Hop". That will regularly be called " Slim Shady" in ~ times.

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The has acquired into fairly some rap battles against MGK, ( an equipment Gun Kelly) Snoop Dog, etc. More »